Climate Change – Round Up Of Last Weeks Stories

Its been awhile since Aardvark did a round up post, so: In Sweden people are totally bored with Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption or whatever it is called at this precise moment, Chris Huhne is now on some new Green crusade to persuade Ireland to host Britain’s wind farms or some other scheme to ensure expensive unreliable power supplies, Al Gore videos are mysteriously vanishing from YouTube and in Britain energy companies want subsidies for power stations as back up to wind farms:

The dangers of crying wolf one time too many H/T P Gosselin at NoTricksZone

We’ve all heard how climate change causes everything that’s bad for humans and the planet to increase and to intensify. Well, ironically, that also now includes boredom on the subject of climate change itself. Many are simply just getting bored to death by it.

Climate change? We’ve heard it a zillion times – yaaaawwwn. (Photo source: Wikipedia)

Indeed a spate of recent studies have shown that people are growing tired and unconcerned about climate change in a number of countries. Much of this is due to the lack of credibility the science is suffering in the wake of all the scandals, scams and exaggerations that have been exposed over the last couple of years.

Climate boredom has also gripped Sweden too, as the English-language The Local writes here:

Swedes’ environmental interest plummets: report

Public interest in climate issues has dropped to its lowest point in five years, according to the upcoming annual SOM report from the University of Gothenburg. Only 14 percent of Swedes currently consider the environment to be among our most important problems, reports daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

This is the lowest figure since 2006, and far behind the record-high figures of the late eighties, when Swedes’ environmental involvement truly boomed.”

When one considers how often people have been exposed to the same, worn-out climate disaster reruns about surging sea levels, storms, weather extremes, droughts, floods, dying oceans, etc., then no one ought not wonder why boredom on the subject is now deeply entrenched.

Attila the Huhnatic’s  zeal for Climate Religion continues unabated and you can safely bet every business and household in Britain will pay the price of blind adherence to Climate Religion H/T Christopher Booker at The Telegraph

Just when you think our Government’s obsession with wind power could reach no further heights of absurdity, we learn that it now plans for us all to shovel billions of pounds into the pockets of the Irish wind industry.
The idea proposed by Chris Huhne and Charles Hendry, our energy ministers, is that the Irish should build thousands more onshore and offshore windmills, heavily subsidised by British electricity users, to help us to meet our EU commitment that, within nine years, we must derive 32 per cent of our electricity from “renewables”.

The Irish Times reported that the head of the Irish Wind Energy Association said these windmills could have the “capacity” to generate an extra 10 gigawatts of electricity, half of it to be exported to Britain, earning Ireland “£1.6 billion a year”. But, as he knows, 10GW of capacity would only produce some 2.5GW of actual power. So for our £1.6 billion a year – more than half of it in subsidies – we would only receive some 1.25GW. This could be generated much more reliably, and at a tiny fraction of the cost, by a single large gas-fired power station.

Videos of the Climate Pope Al Gore are mysteriously vanishing from YouTube H/T CO2Insanity

It seems about everyone and his brother had this alleged video from YouTube, posted by “BrianMerchant” up earlier today. It allegedly had Al Gore allegedly telling people at the 8th annual Games for Change Festival allegedly about something allegedly to the effect that population control will help save us from that nasty global warming no climate change no climate disruption or whatever the latest term is.

I can’t say anything but allegedly  because for some strange reason I can’t find the video, even though it was allegedly posted on at least several websites I found this evening, including YouTube.  If you go to YouTube you get what’s in the below screenshot – “This Video Has Been Removed by the User.”

Britain’s richest energy companies want bill payers to subsidise the cost of gas fired power stations on those days when the wind is of the wrong type, or it is too cold for the wind turbines to work, that’s right everyone in Britain is going to pay to have an unreliable power source, wind power, and then they are going to pay more to have conventional power stations as back up. H/T Global Warming Policy Foundation

Britain’s richest energy companies want homeowners to subsidise billions of pounds worth of gas-powered stations that will stand idle for most of the time.

Talks have taken place between the Government, Centrica, owner of British Gas, and other energy companies on incentives to build the power stations needed as back-ups for the wind farms now being built around the country.

It is understood 17 gas-fired plants worth about £10 billion will be needed by 2020.

The Energy Department has been warned that without this massive back-up for the new generation of heavily subsidised giant wind farms, the lights could go out when the wind dies down.

Sam Laidlaw, chief executive of Centrica, said renewables, such as large-scale wind energy, were intermittent and required back-up generation, a role gas was uniquely qualified to fill.

But as power stations that operate only intermittently would not be financially viable, Laidlaw said: ‘The building of new gas-fired capacity must be incentivised so that gas can fulfil its role as a bridging fuel.’

To that end, energy companies are asking the Government for ‘capacity payments’. This ensures firms are paid a fee all year round for keeping a plant on standby.

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