Church Of England Adopts Climate Religion And Sun Worship

Coventry Cathedral soon to be smothered with solar panels

It had to happen the Church of England is abandoning God and adopting Climate Religion and Sun Worship, leading the conversion is Coventry Cathedral soon to be clad in those symbols of uber greenness the solar panel.

If you thought heliolatry (worship of the Sun) had burnt out, except maybe at Stonehenge once a year and at various other gatherings of backward, madcap Druids, think again. The Christian Church itself is now converting en masse to heliolatry, ditching its faith in Christ and the Cross in favour of bowing and scraping before the almighty Sun and its precious rays. How else do we explain Coventry Cathedral’s decision to coat its roof in solar panels, and to make an ostentatious public-relations exercise of its decision? The Cathedral is hoping to demonstrate that it is Good in the only way that counts in these godless, downbeat, misanthropic times: by advertising to the world its eco-sensitivities and its determination to shrink its carbon footprint.

Jane Woodward, executive director of the Cathedral, says the solar panels are not simply for show. “This is not an iconic thing”, she said. The lady doth protest way too much. Solar panels are always for show. They’re always about making a public spectacle of your eco-superiority. Such panels never really generate much electricity, but by sticking them on the roof of your home or your school you get to indulge in some very public eco-preening, showing off your uber-green credentials in much the same way that a baboon displays its red inflamed anus.

Much the same way that a baboon displays its red inflamed anus, says it all really

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  1. It’s a dying religion and like the Bible says ‘religion wont get you in to heaven’.
    On a good note: more Christians are becoming free Christians turning away from religious institutions and practising ‘faith’ in communities and social groups just how it was intended before the Romans hijacked it some 300+ years after Christ.
    Back to tradition and following the way of the Nazarene and not some religious institution.

  2. Desperately trendy, the C of E these days.

    Some might argue that solar panels will actually enhance the outward appearance of Coventry, but they’d better not try it at St. Albans!

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