Chris Huhne – Police Raid Vicky Price’s Home

Chris Huhne and ex-wife wife Vicky Price

The Chris Huhne speeding points saga had gone almost comatose, in a recent article in the Telegraph about Huhne the point of the story was that Huhne would escape any action because police only keep speed camera photographs for 5 years and the allegations against Huhne date back to 2003.

Now in a new twist in the story Essex Police raided the home of Huhne’s ex-wife, at 7am on July 2nd, where they seized the mobile phone belonging to the couple’s 18 year old son; the phone is said to contain a text exchange between Huhne and his son, where they discuss the case.

Details of Huhne’s previous interview with police are starting to surface, where it appears Huhne’s definition of actively helping police is his right to silence.

Nick Clegg has thus far supported Huhne, but the latest word is that Clegg is tired of the never ending stories about Huhne proving that if you fling enough shit sooner or later some of it will stick.

Officers raided the home of Mr Huhne’s ex-wife, economist Vicky Pryce, and asked their 18-year-old son, Peter, to hand over his phone so it could be examined by forensic analysts.

According to sources the phone contains a text exchange between Mr Huhne, 57, and his son, in which the pair discuss the implications for the family of the ongoing investigation.

The senior Liberal Democrat and his ex-wife were questioned by Essex Police last month, over allegations he persuaded her to accept three penalty points on his behalf in March 2003 after being caught speeding on the M11 motorway.

It is understood Miss Pryce refused to confirm to officers whether the claims were true after her adult children pleaded with her not to implicate herself or their father.

Meanwhile sources close to the inquiry said Mr Huhne exercised his right to remain silent during interview, leaving the investigation stalled.

Since then however police have seized a recording of a conversation between Mr Huhne and his ex-wife in which they discuss the case and a sworn statement from her in which she apparently admits taking the points.

This along with the seized mobile phone has given the investigation a number of fresh lines of inquiry and a renewed impetus.

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