EU Climate Religion Fail – Now Its All Knee Jerk And Lies

EU Carbon Emissions targets blocked - bad damage limitation exercise now in progress

Yesterday the EU Parliament voted to block the 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, within hours  a very bad damage limitation exercise was in progress.

Today the usual left wing propaganda outlets that we dont have to pay for: The Guardian and Independent, and the left wing propaganda outlet we do have to pay for, the BBC, are all blaming the Tory MEPs for the defeat of their beloved Climate Religion.

This is just another obfuscated lie, the 30% cut would have been defeated with, or without the Tory MEPs.

So lets start with the knee jerk damage limitation exercise from David Cameron:

Business class flights for ministers and civil servants will be for the chop, as David Cameron seeks to rescue his government’s green credentials on Wednesday by announcing tougher energy efficiency targets – even as most of his MEPs defied his wishes by voting against more ambitious climate aims for Europe.

For the first time, travel by ministers and civil servants will be taken into account in judging central government’s greenhouse gas emissions – meaning flights that account for higher carbon dioxide emissions will have to be cut back.

The prime minister will announce that his ministers have met the goal of cutting emissions from the government’s estate by at least 10% since the beginning of 2010, an undertaking made as part of the 10:10 campaign backed by the Guardian.

But he will go further by setting a goal of cutting emissions by 25% over the expected five-year term of the current parliament – a goal to be known as 25:5. The aim will take in emissions from travel for the first time.

The move is likely to mean officials have to ensure more flights are taken in economy, and there will be a higher bar to justify business class tickets, though some flights will still be taken in the more expensive cabin. Business class passengers are allocated a greater share of a flight’s CO2 output because they occupy more space.

According to the warming alarmists first and business class passengers have a higher carbon footprint than cattle class, because the more expensive seats have more space and thus anyone sitting in one of these seats has a greater share of the cabin space. As many an air traveller has found to their cost, the real cost of flying is weight, the total laden weight of the aircraft determines the amount of fuel used and thus the carbon emissions of the flight.

Lets consider two scenarios, the first an aircraft that is half full and has empty seats in first and business, as well as, economy. If a passenger sits in the more expensive seats or the cheaper seats makes not one iota of difference to all the all up weight of the plane and the amount of fuel used. The same holds true for a fully loaded aircraft, the all up weight would be the same.

What is going on here is more warming alarmist smoke and mirrors, this measure announced by Cameron will not make any difference to the total amount of carbon emitted by the flight; it will just allow a minister to say that their share of the emissions was reduced by travelling in economy class.

If anyone can explain how this reduces overall carbon emissions in a real and effective way then  please let Aardvark know.

Unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard:

“While there is still a discussion within the European parliament when to move to a 30% reduction, the vote showed that there is a very large majority in the parliament which supports the idea of going beyond 20% by the EU delivering its own energy efficiency target.”

Not entirely sure if this statement should be filed under crass stupidity or bare faced lie.

Hedegaard being an unelected EU Commissar does not understand democracy, a very large majority supporting the 30% cut would have resulted in the cut going ahead not being blocked.Nothing more needs to be said on that really.

All that’s left really is a comment from a Watermelon representing an NGO, in this case Andy Atkins, director of Friends of the Earth:

Tory MEPs have played a critical role in delivering a body blow to the EU’s credibility on climate change, and to the new jobs and industries that tougher emission cuts would bring.

“Their action is also deeply damaging to David Cameron, whose promise to support tougher EU climate action has been completely undermined.

“The prime minister promised to lead the greenest government ever – he must now show real leadership by making the fight against climate change one of his top priorities

As previously stated the Tory MEPs were not instrumental in the cut being blocked, it was always going to happen with out without them.

Atkins is right the whole affair has been damaging to David Cameron, who should listen to his MPs and Tory Party members, and EU Climate Religion has suffered a major setback.

One person has remained remarkably quiet on this, Chris HUhne, who would normally have called yesterday “A Black day for EU Climate Policy instead Huhne has remained as a silent as he does under Police Caution.

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  1. nightshadel

    New jobs? What about the many many times more that get lost the longer this “CO2/carbon” obsession continues? It still absolutely stuns me that the trade unions are so quiet on this.

  2. Spain every Green job created lost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries

    I guess the Unions are keeping quiet because Climate Religion is the left wing cause celebre

  3. are these new jobs in china?

  4. Dear TA. What difference does it make if a Greenie flys POSH or steerage? The CO2 debt is still the same. If those who lambasted Prince Charles a decade ago for flying to receive a green award now find it necessary to have their egos massaged by a better class of in-flight catering and take-off to landing booze, while unaware of that particularly flagant hypocrisy constantly displayed by the Left, we should be grateful for the unlimited opportunities to point out that Green austerity is for the poor and powerless, not themselves.

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