Green Energy Bill Shelved – Another Defeat For Chris Huhne

Green Energy Bill Shelved a personal failure for Chris Huhne

June 22nd 2011 was a black day for the Church of Climatology in Europe when Poland put a stop to the EU’s economic suicide plan for the 2050 energy road map, then on July 5th 2011 the EU Parliament voted against increasing carbon emissions cuts to 30% from 1990 levels.

While for Chris Hune June 22nd was a “Dark day for Europe“, Huhne has subsequently dropped off the radar since Essex Police raided his ex-wife’s home and took away his sons mobile phone.

Today the Green Energy Bill has been shelved, legislation that Huhne has staked his personal reputation on:

The government’s energy bill, which was expected to be debated before parliament’s summer break, has been shelved. That means the “green deal”, the flagship scheme to cut domestic carbon emissions, will not make it onto the statute books for many months. Ministers at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) have lost their argument with the government’s business managers, and the centrepiece of climate change policy has been sidelined.

We should not be surprised. This government has form in delay and dither when it comes to its green policy agenda. There was so much promise. The “greenest government ever” was the prime minister’s pledge. That’s the same PM who has not mentioned green issues since the election. When asked questions on petrol prices or energy bills he does not ever venture into the wider discussion about a greener, cleaner world. And since Chris Huhne was appointed as climate and energy secretary we have seen promises delayed and initiatives re-announced so often it’s not surprising if you’ve lost count.

David Cameron is an astute politician who once believed, before Climategate, that there were votes in being Green; Cameron still believed that in May 2010 when he formed the Coalition Government in Britain, but then that was before Obama quietly dropped his “settled science” of Climate Religion.

Cameron pays lip service to the worn out phrase “Greenest Government Ever” but in reality he allows Chris Huhne and Greg Barker to be the Green evangelists, while Cameron keeps the whole Climate Religion thing at arms length.

The fact that the green deal is not going to make it to the statute books marks a personal failure for Huhne. He has staked his reputation on this market-driven home energy efficiency model. His claim that it will transform the energy efficiency of our homes (which represent around 27% of emissions nationally) and create thousands of green jobs up and down the country is fizzling away

There never were any real Green jobs in Britain or most of the world come to that.

Chris Huhne’s future is far from secure, Aardvark has it on very good authority that Nick Clegg is tired of the never ending press stories about Huhne and the speeding points saga; Huhne is also under investigation for election expenses “irregularities“.

There is a definite campaign to “get” Chris Huhne, abandoning a policy that your Climate Change Minister has staked his personal reputation is hardly a portent of great things to come for Huhne’s political career, more a case of making sure that if Huhne is charged by Essex Police that there is nothing contaminated by Huhne on the statute books and thus linked to David Cameron.

Meanwhile Huhne is about to break his silence with a new fear angle to keep people in the Church of Climatology with a speech that Climate Change makes wars more likely.

The content is the same old lies and grey propaganda, rehashed and mostly built around Sir David King’s 2004 statement that Climate Change was a bigger threat than Global Terrorism.

Fear is all that the Church of Climatology have left, all their grey propaganda about the vast majority of people being behind EU Climate Religion Policy were just lies, as the democratic process has proved.

With Huhne in the political wilderness and Poland having the rolling Presidency of the EU for the next 6 months, the economic future is looking brighter by the day.

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  1. I’m not usually a user of acronyms but feel the need here, lol

  2. Stay tuned to our Aussie PM announcement this coming Sunday re the carbon tax bill, she hasn’t as yet informed her labor caucus. I hope someone let’s her know how the rest of the world is responding as she still thinks Australia is lagging behind? Parliament ceases
    today for their winter break no time for a debate that she is refusing to have.

  3. Meanwhile, in councils and quangos all over the UK, the Green idiocy rumbles on, as hard to kill as any ‘B’; movie monster…

  4. Do you reckon thylacosmilus that the reason for this is because they jumped the gun on
    the fraudulent science and invested in carbon trading like the BBC pension fund is supposed to have done? Therefore risking loses amounting to in the billions. The ABC
    (Australia) announced that Australia would be stupid to join the lemmings of climate change as carbon credits were failing? And although bankers and investors had made their fortunes, cuts in carbon emissions had not resulted? We all knew this, now tell the idiots in charge of Australia this. They ignore it. Talk about the Aussies being behind the times they are risking our life style to bring in a carbon tax when it is an unpopular, Like 85% of the population are against it because it is a bad financial move. Having said
    before the last election ‘No carbon tax during my term in government’.

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