Greenhouse Gas Theory Trashed In Ground Breaking Experiment

Professor Robert W Wood disproved the Greenhouse Gas Theory in 1909

Over a 100 years ago a professor at John Hopkins University conducted a series of experiments that disproved the Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming theories.

Others followed Robert W. Wood and came to the same conclusions.

In more recent times the warming alarmists have rerun Woods experiment and claimed that Wood was wrong, this should be taken with a massive dose of reality check as the scientist concerned is a mathematician specialising in computers, he is not a Climate Scientist or Meteorologist, but as usual this has been airbrushed over.

Now Wood’s experiment has been rerun by a climate researcher and his findings support Wood’s experiment from 1909:

Professor Nahle of Monterrey, Mexico backed by a team of international scientists has faithfully recreated a famous experiment from 1909 to confirm that the greenhouse effect cannot cause global warming.

Astonishingly, the 1909 greenhouse gas experiment first performed by Professor Robert W. Wood at John Hopkins University hadn’t been replicated for a century. This despite over $100 billion spent by the man-made global warming industry trying to prove its case that carbon dioxide is a dangerous atmospheric pollutant.

The analogy had been that greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2) act like the glass in a greenhouse trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere and if they build up (due to human industrial emissions) the planet would dangerously overheat.

Nahle Nails Shut Climate Scare Coffin

At the Biology Cabinet laboratories Professor Nahle was able to confirm the astounding findings: Wood was right all along. After peer-review the results confirm that the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ is solely due to the blockage of convective heat transfer within the environment in which it is contained i.e. as in this case, a lab flask.

Indeed, it is the glass of the lab flask (or ‘greenhouse’) that caused the “trapped” radiation all along. The flask (or greenhouse) being what scientists refer to as a ‘closed system’; while Earth’s atmosphere isn’t closed at all but rather open to space allowing heat energy to freely escape.

The fact that our planets atmosphere is not a closed flask but open to space and does allow heat to escape into space really leaves the Chris Huhnes, David Camerons and Connie Hedegaards of this world with no viable argument that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a threat to the planet.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Add to this the fact that we KNOW our beautiful planet has been happily reshaping herself and changing without our help or interference for millions of years, and no doubt will continue to do so, again WITHOUT or even DESPITE our attempts at interference.
    I wonder what grandiose moneymaking schemes “they’d” come up with if it came about that we knew our sun was going to implode in say 100 years from now?
    I am sure someone somewhere would profit from that also!

  2. Che Joubert

    The obvious warming that is occurring may not be due to the ‘Greenhouse Gas’ theory. Volcanic sills (underwater lava flows) are far more extensive than in the past. These huge, deep sea sills, arising from the mantle of the earth, bake the oceanic sediment they come in contact with, and release ‘vast amounts of greenhouse gases’, according to oceanographic institutions. Thus you have a situation where gasses produced by an increase in deep sea heat, aka mantle activity, are being blamed for the warming itself.

    No doubt humans have added to this boom in greenhouse gases to some negligible extent, but we’ve also added to air pollution, which has been proven to cool the earth’s temperature by blocking sunlight. If not for this decreased sunlight the earth’s temperature would be even hotter at this point. Super-volcanoes (mantle-plume volcanoes) are the end point of this cyclical increase in mantle activity, and cause massive die-offs of planet life at regular intervals.

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