EU Climate Religion Fail – Chris Huhne Orders Inquiry Into Tory MEPs

Lib Dem Chris Huhne orders inquiry into Tory MEPs, where does this idiot get off?

Chris Huhne has really excelled this time, following on from the pathetically desperate statement that “Fighting Climate Change Deniers Is Like Fighting Hitler”, Huhne has now ordered an inquiry into the Tory MEPs in the European Parliament.

Huhne is still smarting from the major defeat EU Climate Religion suffered on July 5th 2011 when the EU voted against the economic suicide pact proposed by Huhne and Hedegaard.

Within hours an embarrassingly bad damage limitation program was in place, and now Huhne a member of a different political party is now ordering an inquiry in to which fossil fuel lobbyists “got to” the Tory MEPs, even for Huhne this is a new high water mark of hypocrisy, the Chris Huhne who when asked to jump by NGOs like WWF, Friends of The Earth and Greenpeace meekly asks “How High?“:

Chris Huhne has ordered a private inquiry into which fossil fuel lobbyists “got to” the Conservative MEPs who defied David Cameron and voted down an ambitious carbon emissions target in the European parliament on 5 July.

“I have asked for a full analysis of what happened,” said the energy and climate change minister, speaking at an event in parliament. “We thought the vote was going to be close, but it was not close. We want to see which lobby groups managed to get to the MEPs.”

New research by the Guardian and Greenpeace into lobby groups and businesses seen by Tory MEPs in 2010 reveals there were more than four times as many meetings with fossil fuel companies, carmakers and others against stronger action on global warming than with green businesses and those pushing for deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Huhne, a Liberal Democrat, has caused a storm by comparing Tory campaigning tactics on the AV referendum to those of the Nazis and by repeatedly challenging Cameron at a cabinet meeting on the issue. By investigating the EU climate vote, he risks further increasing tensions within the coalition.

This is absolutely priceless we now have an NGO and lobbyist for the Church of Climatology, Greenpeace, saying how wrong and unfair that there are other lobbyists who have made a better case than they have.

The big question is what are Huhne’s motives for ordering an inquiry?

Contrary to what Huhne would have us all believe the Tory MEPs who voted against the 30% emissions cut were not decisive in defeating the proposed bill.

The inquiry has rightly caused anger in the Conservative Party and the only likely outcome of a coalition Cabinet Minister pointing the finger at Tory MEPs, is to put further strain on the Coalition Government, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it like Huhne needs to be gone, soon as.

Tory MEP Roger Helmer had this to say:

“I’m happy for Huhne to investigate whatever the hell he likes. I just wish he’d spend more time investigating the huge economic damage that his green policies will do,” He added: “The prime minister is in no position to ‘bring Conservative MEPs into line’. I vote in what I conceive to be the best interests of my country and my constituents: the party whip comes a poor third.”

Martin Callanan, leader of the Conservatives in Europe and an environment spokesman:

“Our position on [deeper emission cuts] has not been influenced by lobbyists and has remained unchanged since the idea was first mooted.

“Europe already has the world’s most ambitious targets and, in the absence of a worldwide agreement, forcing business and industry to pay more for their CO2 emissions in Europe will merely result in them relocating outside of the EU.”

“The Conservative party in Europe is in the pocket of big oil,” said Berger. “The prime minister needs to get a grip of his party and start leading a government that is serious about tackling climate change.”

Martyn Williams of Friends of the Earth said: “There is a huge list of major companies who have told Conservative MEPs that getting serious about tackling climate change</a> will give a boost to the European economy. The MEPs should stop listening to special pleadings and examine the big picture.”

There are doubtless a huge list of companies that stand to make billions out of the Green Energy scam, what FoE wont tell you of course, is that the list of companies against Climate Religion is many times larger than those that are for it.

Yet another  Hat/Tip to @aliegorey , if you dont follow @aliegorey on Twitter you should.

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  1. Lord Edmund Moletrousers

    The sooner this apology for a minister is kicked (or even “escorted”) out of office, the better.

  2. Frogmarched to the top of the nearest high building and chucked off would serve us all much better!

  3. Perhaps those Tory MEPs should demand an inquiry into the whole CO2 fraud. I still live in hope of an EUGate. It’s only a matter ofttime

  4. Tony Windsor the Independent who voted in favor of an Oz carbon tax, is in Europe on a fact finding mission on climate change. We his electorate are interested in what he has to say when he returns. He has been given the advice that the EU have failed to reduce their
    carbon emissions even with a failing climate change tax. But it has fallen on deaf ears for years even before the ETS was suggested by the former PM K Rudd. I am glad the MEPs
    are standing their ground and showing what a load of crooks those that promote AGW
    are and the science is greatly flawed.

  5. Seems like an inquire into just how much money Chris Huhne got from big green to push an agenda based on the AGW scam, would be a better idea.

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