Electric Car Sales In Britain Stall

Chris Huhne and the Electric Car, both have uncertain futures

The Electric Car, after the wind turbine, is most holy of icons to the Church of Climatology and just like the wind turbine the same cherry picked facts about electric cars are used to push them as zero emissions, which is just another lie.

Despite all the taxpayers giving those that buy an electric car a £5,000 subsidy, sales in the last quarter fell be more than 50% over the previous quarter.

There are around 28 million vehicles on Britain’s roads, of this number just 2,500 are battery powered:

Sales of electric cars have all but stalled, despite government grants to encourage an electric revolution to cut emissions from burning petrol and diesel.

Figures from the Department for Transport show that only 215 electric vehicle grants were issued in the last three months, fewer than half the 465 issued in the previous quarter.

The figures were obtained by the research charity the RAC Foundation, which said the latest sales take the total number of battery-powered cars in the UK to just over 2,500, out of a fleet of more than 28m vehicles – a long way short of the 1.7m electric vehicles set as a target for the end of the decade by the government’s Committee on Climate Change.

Andrew Fulbrook of market research firm IHS Automotive said that despite generous government grants of £5,000 for each electric car and van, the cost of new electric vehicles was still too high at £20,000-25,000, the choice too narrow, and the spread of charging points too slow to overcome “range anxiety” by drivers worried they will run out of battery power before they get home.

However, Fulbrook said that – partly pushed by stricter European Union limits on car emissions starting next year – manufacturers are planning more electric models, which will bring down prices, while charging points are growing.

How much truth is there in the statement that to meet still tougher EU emissions laws they are more advanced electric vehicles in the pipeline?

Not that much in reality, the EU emissions targets apply across the range of vehicles manufactured, and it is the average CO2 emissions of the cars manufactured that is being targeted.

It is no accident that after years of manufacturing high performance sports cars, Aston Martin now rebadge the horrendous Toyota Qi as an Aston Martin, other manufactures are already following this example with specific low emission models like the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Freelander.

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  1. Pathetic until they get a range of at least 500 miles and are NORMAL size like my trusty diesel.

  2. Electric cars need electricity to boost their batteries. It’s not a case of plugging into the garage to recharge. We had a tourist bus run on batteries and it kept breaking down and the only place where it could be charged up and serviced was the local Technical college that ran motor mechanics courses. Another white elephant that the local council replaced with a petrol run bus.

  3. I guess it’s quite difficult to run an electric cars. What if you forgot to recharge it or let us say need a couple of time to recharge it and suddenly you are in very urgent business meeting. Would it be useful?

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