Chris Huhne – File Passed To CPS, Cameron And Clegg Have Cabinet Reshuffle Planned

Chris Huhne and a speed camera irony?

Essex Police have passed a file on Chris Huhne and the alleged “Perverting the Course of Justice” charge to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Huhne’s political life has been hanging by a thread for the past few weeks, the latest news that Dave and Nick Clegg have prepared a Cabinet reshuffle should Huhne be charged:

With news that Essex police have passed their file on Chris Huhne to the Crown Prosecution Service, I am told that Nick Clegg and David Cameron have already agreed on what would happen in a mini-reshuffle if Huhne has to resign as Energy Secretary, in charge of Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The reshuffle, which would only involve Liberal Democrats, has been designed to cause the minimum of disruption.

Huhne’s likely successor is Norman Lamb.

It would seem unlikely that the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have not been kept fully briefed through out the Police investigation, and the fact that a Cabinet reshuffle has been prepared means the probable outcome for Huhne is a very close run thing.

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  1. Personally I hope this is the last we ever see of this brainless turd.

  2. We had a high court judge ‘court’ out for a similar thing. Tried to say another person was driving his car to avoid a $70 speeding fine. Unfortunately the lady was dead! He was jailed as a result and struck off.

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