‘Eco-pirate’ Paul Watson To Face Legal Consequences Of His Actions

The Steve Irwin eco pirate ship impounded in Lerwick

There is a belief in green eco-mentalist circles that NGO’s like Greenpeace and seashepherd.org have carte blanche to do any action in support of their Green Marxism ideals, with impunity because in their self appointed way they know so much better than everyone else.

Only last month in Australia Greenpeace activists took it upon themselves to wreck an entire GM crop of wheat for no good reason other than the letters GM were in the crop name.

Now self proclaimed “eco-pirate” Paul Watson has found out the hard way that if you mess with people who are going about their lawful business there is a price to pay:

“Eco-pirate” Paul Watson is losing a race against time to recover his flagship boat, the Steve Irwin, which has been impounded in Shetland.

The world’s most radical conservationist, Watson is being sued for $1.4m (£850,000) by a Maltese fishing company, Fish and Fish, one of Europe’s leading tuna processors. The law suit against Watson’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was filed last year after activists aboard the Steve Irwin freed 800 bluefin tuna from a pen in the Mediterranean.

Watson has just 10 days to raise the bond required to release the boat, which was named after the late Australian conservationist. It has been impounded in the harbour at Lerwick ever since the company sued him for damages. By last night, the society had raised about $500,000, after a global Twitter campaign and appeals to celebrities who have helped Watson in the past.

A co-founder of Greenpeace, Watson was picking up volunteer crew and restocking the Steve Irwin in preparation for a trip to protest against whaling in the Faroe Islands when he was served with the writ. The tuna cage that had been intercepted 40 miles off the Libyan coast in June last year held an estimated 35 tons of fish.

After a fracas in which there was hand-to-hand fighting between the two crews, Sea Shepherd sent in divers to release the 800 tuna.

Joseph Caruana, the owner of Fish and Fish, declined to speak to the Observer, but has claimed in the Maltese press that two of his divers were injured in the encounter, an allegation strongly denied by Watson. “Sea Shepherd cannot continue behaving this way. My aim is for justice to be done. I wanted to show that we mean business and we will fight our cause,” he said.

Naturally Greenpeace and the WWF have joined in saying Tuna stocks are at an all time low:

Greenpeace and WWF called last month for a suspension of the Mediterranean tuna fishing season, saying that stocks were at critically low levels. “Mediterranean bluefin tuna is on the slippery slope to collapse,” said Dr Sergi Tudela, of WWF Mediterranean.

The problem the NGOs have is their continued cries of “Armageddon for <insert cause of your choice>” are always so exaggerated, full of lies and grey propaganda that only fellow lobotomized eco-mentalists and those with power and money to gain, listen to the NGOs anymore.

Seashepherd.org have really pissed of the Namibian government who have declared Seashepherd.org are a “threat to national security” after the group tried to document seal slaughter in Namabia.

The vast majority of left leaning organisations all want to apologise to the world for Britain once being a colonial power, but in true hypocritical fashion the Green Marxists are doing just that; going to other countries and forcing their value set on the indigenous people.

That comrade tree huggers and Climate Worshipers is colonialism pure and simple.

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  1. Good for the Maltese company. Let’s hope that eco-pirate’s boat never gets returned to him

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