COP17 Durban – Already Predicted To Fail By The UN

The warming alarmists will all be flying to Durban for another Climate Scam fail

In just over 3 months the Church of Climatology is holding it’s next synod in Durban, South Africa, which like the two previous synods in Cancun and Copenhagen will achieve nothing except for lots of hypocritcal champagne warming alarmists flying around the planet in first class, naturally.

The UN predicts that no deal will come out of Durban, Aardvark predicts a new Climate of Fear campaign starting in September and gathering momentum as November draws closer.

Prepare for spontaneously combusting Penguins, sea level rises of several kilometres, new scientific studies predicting Armageddon in one form or another, these studies will have been produced by NGOs like Greenpeace, FoE and the WWF and then neatly packaged by the IPCC as science.

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – Major climate talks in South Africa at year-end will be unlikely to strike agreement on a new pact, but will be important in determining the shape of long-term efforts to tackle climate change, a senior U.N. climate official said on Tuesday.

The future of the Kyoto Protocol, the existing U.N. plan which obliges about 40 industrialised nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions until 2012, is widely seen as under threat. Japan, Canada and Russia have said they will not extend it, while the United States never signed up to it.

“It’s too early to call the Durban result, expectations are not high at the moment,” said Adrian Macey, chair of U.N. Kyoto Protocol negotiations, referring to the Nov 28 to Dec 9 talks in South Africa.

“But my own view is that whatever happens, I don’t see all 191 parties under the U.N. abandoning efforts to develop a comprehensive effort in the longer term for climate change action,” Macey told a climate conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

There would be a gap after the first Kyoto Protocol commitment period expires at the end of 2012, Macey said, with a number of issues remaining outstanding.

“It’s become clear that what we might be looking at in Durban is a transition to a more viable long-term architecture,” Macey said.

Last week, New Zealand’s Climate Change Negotiations Minister Tim Groser told Reuters the global community was accepting the reality that there would be no deal in Durban but progress was being made.

Global negotiations have faltered because of a gulf between developed and developing countries about who should shoulder the burden of reducing emissions blamed for stoking global warming.

Obviously all 191 countries wont abandon their efforts to promote Climate Religion, there are too many countries with their hands out for our money, which they now expect as a right.

It was always about wealth redistribution, there is no man made Global Warming, even  the IPCC now brazenly admits, “We redistribute the world’s wealth by Climate Policy“.

In a fascinating twist Will Alexander, a South African UN Scientist does not believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming, but thinks instead the Church of Climatology is an industrialised nations scam to stifle growth and competition from the developing nations:

In a television interview three days ago, our Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs whose department will be involved in the organisation of the UNFCCC conference in Durban at the end of this year, expressed her disappointment at the lack of an international agreement on the climate change issue. This made it unlikely that the Durban conference will achieve its objective.

Unlike the Copenhagen conference two years ago, we are unlikely to see the heads of state arriving in Durban with pens in their hands, ready to sign a binding agreement on the control of greenhouse gas emissions. Copenhagen failed miserably. The Durban discussions might not even get off the ground.

To make matters worse twelve days ago realising that Durban is likely to fail the Western nations requested the UN Security Council to become involved in the climate change issue. The developing nations objected and the request failed. The representative of the US described their objections as being ‘pathetic’. This is hardly the way to win friends and influence people, especially when the US has refused to enter into any agreements in the past. It was the US that nearly wrecked the Bali conference three years ago.

My own role has been that of a lone voice from the southern end of the African continent. I have been distributing my memos via the Internet since 2002. Now at last I’ve reached the point where I can demonstrate the fundamental errors in climate change science with a high degree of assurance. Details are provided in my five memos, the last three of which will be distributed during the next 10 days.

These are summaries.

My memos 02/11 through to 06/11 cover the two-month period from the beginning of June to the end of July. The whole climate change issue deteriorated rapidly during this period. The discussions in Bonn, that were intended to provide a basis for the UNFCCC conference in Durban at the end of the year failed to produce any results. Further discussions were postponed until September.

The Western nations are desperately trying to use the climate change issue to suppress the rapid competitive growth of the developing nations.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The Western nations are desperately using the “climate change issue” to destroy their_own_ economies, invent new taxes, and interfere more and more in people’s daily lives.

  2. that would be my take on it too….intertesting to find a Climate Realist who agrees the science is junk, but whose reasons for the scam are dyametrically opposed to the normally movtive of wealth resdistribution and one world government

  3. Pauline Watson

    Haven’t these hypocrites heard of video-conferencing? With them it’s a case of do as I say not as I do!

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