Gordon Brown “I Was Right As Always And You Were All Wrong As Always”

The man who created the GOAT cabinet, screwed the British economy tells everyone he was right about everything, as always

Gordon Brown the worst PM Britain has had in, well almost forever has reappeared to tell anyone, who will actually listen that as usual Brown the Infallible was right about the US debt and Euro zone crisis and everyone else was wrong, as usual.

When the phone hacking scandal broke Brown immediately said his phone had been hacked and his family’s medical records had been accessed. Brown then followed this in a petulant hate filled diatribe in the House of Commons where the spoilt brat had a go at the Press that turned against him during his disastrous Prime Ministership.

It was priceless to watch the looks on the Labour MP’s faces as Brown vented his spleen, the looks that said “Was this asshole really our Leader“?

Yes guys he was your Leader, because none of you had the balls to take Dear Leader on:

Gordon Brown today launches an extraordinary attack on the leaders of America, France and Germany, accusing them of being “wrong” on the big economic decisions and failing to heed his warnings over the EU debt crisis.

Brown left Britain’s economy in ruins, the best thing any country can do is ignore the deluded rantings of a bitter man with an inferiority complex bigger than the current US debt.

Gordon Brown a man so deluded by his own mediocrity that he actually said in the House of Commons “We saved the World”

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  1. We’ll never know if Gordon Browns actions saved the world. All the evidence points to him successfully cultivating the seeds of early economic growth which has since been deliberately destroyed by the opportunistic cameron gang.

    • what a farcical comment, what evidence, we have the worst fiscal postition of virtually any western country because of that idiot.

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