Bayer Threatens To Quit Germany Over Energy Costs

Bayer invented Aspirin in 1897

David Cameron and Chris Huhne were told by the Confederation of British Industry and the manufacturers association that Green taxes and Climate Religion are killing jobs and economic recovery.

Both organisations have warned that companies will relocate to countries where Climate Religion does not hold sway over the economic good of the country, countries where the politicians put the good of their country ahead of an absurd fear of an inert trace gas.

The recent news that Germany bowing to Green hysteria post Fukushima and phasing out its nuclear power stations by 2022, and replacing lost generating capacity with unreliable and heavily subsidised renewables is worrying German business:

Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear power after the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan could lead to some of the country’s major companies relocating elsewhere in search of cheaper energy.

Marijn Dekkers, head of Bayer, the pharmaceuticals group, said: “It is important that we remain competitive compared with other countries. Otherwise, a global company like Bayer will have to consider relocating its production to countries with lower energy costs.”

Under a package of energy bills passed last month by the German government, all nuclear power facilities in the country will be taken offline by 2022. Analysts say that the move will hit energy companies hard and contribute to an increase in electricity prices.

Dekkers told the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche that Germany’s electricity costs were already the highest in the EU, making the country “unattractive” for the chemicals industry.

Bayer, which developed the first aspirin in 1897, employs more than 35,000 people in Germany. Dekkers said that his company was planning 4,500 job cuts worldwide – including 1,700 in Germany – but that it was already investing in emerging markets.

“Overall, we will create over 2,500 new jobs in countries like Brazil, India, Russia or China,” he told WirtschaftsWoche

The leaders of business warn these stupid Climate Religion besotted politicians and still the politicians take no notice; Bayer are killing off 1700 jobs in Germany and creating 2500 new jobs in what they euphemistically call “emerging markets” which in reality means countries where Climate Religion does not corrupt economic policy.

Anyway you try and spin it, this is a net loss to Germany of 1700 jobs for no economic gain.

If these idiotic politicians dont wake up and listen, then all the citizens trapped in the EUSSR regime will have to look forward to is very limited employment and electricity that will have become so expensive that it is reserved for a weekend luxury only.

Welcome to the brave new Green world available only in Europe, because no other place on earth has such congenitally stupid regimes as the EU and Britain’s “Greenest Ever Government” trying so hard to wreck centuries of progress in the vain hope that the rest of the world will follow them into a new economic dark age.

Like they say “Dumb can be cured but Cameron/Hune are for ever”

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  1. The coalition have performed “U” turns on virtually every aspect of their stated policies.
    Once a couple of major employers (and sources of tax revenue) up-sticks and leave, I suspect this climate luhunacy might follow.

    Or, at least, I desperately hope it will…

  2. One or two major employers, particularly in Germany, leaving is all that is necessary to kill the climate madness. Mercedes and/or BMW and/or Volkswagen ought to be sufficient, but also good if they were supported by ones outside the automotive industry. What might be even more effective though is food prices particularly if it is pointed out time and again why they are rising ie tax on diesel and other taxes/restrictions on business

  3. One of the power companies had a large advert in the paper the other day, trying to justify their price increases. No mention of “Green subsidies” was made, they only blamed wholesale prices….

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