Wind Turbines – How Long Before The Golden Eagle Is Extinct?

A white tailed eagle killed by a Norwegian wind turbine

The wind turbine symbol of all that is good, renewable, green and politically correct is in reality an environmental holocaust for the countries like China that manufacture components for them, a subsidised failure at reliable electricity generation globally, they blight the lives of people forced to live within their shadow and they kill birds in huge numbers.

Yesterday Aardvark blogged about the desecration of the D Day beaches by bird choppers and finished the post with “Now if the area around the Normandy beaches were home to a threatened species of aquatic fruit bat then every NGO from Greenpeace to the WWF would be up in arms,” seems that Aardvark was wrong Wind Turbines are, in fact, the most sacred icon in the political Church of Climatology:

As California attempts to divorce itself from fossil-fueled electricity, it may be trading one environmental sin for another — although you don’t hear state officials admitting it.

Wind power is the fastest growing component in the state’s green energy portfolio, but wildlife advocates say the marriage has an unintended consequence: dead birds, including protected species of eagles, hawks and owls.

“The cumulative impacts are huge,” said Shawn Smallwood, one of the few recognized experts studying the impact of wind farms on migratory birds. “It is not inconceivable to me that we could reduce golden eagle populations by a great deal, if not wipe them out.”

California supports roughly 2,500 golden eagles. The state’s largest wind farms kill, on average, more than 80 eagles per year. But the state is set to triple wind capacity in the coming years as it tries to become the first state in the nation to generate 33 percent of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2020.

“We would like to have no bird deaths and no bird injuries. But, once again, we have to balance all the needs of society. All the people who want to flip their switch and have electricity in their homes,” said Lorelei Oviatt, Kern County planning commissioner.

Kern County has identified some 225,000 acres just north of Los Angeles as a prime wind resource area. Unfortunately, the area’s rolling hills and mountains are prime hunting grounds for raptors and a layover spot for migratory birds traveling between Canada and Mexico. The updrafts enjoyed by birds of prey are ideal for generating power.

Balancing the needs of society against something eco, green and fluffy; but only when Climate Religion is being blindly followed.

Imagine the hue and cry if it were “Big Oil” or frakking involved.

“Politics plays a huge role here,” Smallwood said. “Our leaders want this power source so they’re giving, for a time being, a pass to the wind industry. If you or I killed an eagle, we’re looking at major consequences.”

Smallwood and others say it is almost inconceivable the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which enforces the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, hasn’t acted.

“There’s a big, big hypocrisy here,” Sue Hammer of Tehachapi Wildlife Rehab in Kern County said. “If I shoot an eagle, it’s a $10,000 fine and/or a vacation of one to five years in a federal pen of my choice.”

She’s not far off from the reality.

In 2009, Exxon pleaded guilty to causing the deaths of about 85 migratory birds in five states that came into contact with crude oil in uncovered waste tanks. The fine for this was $600,000.

Likewise, PacifiCorp, an Oregon utility, owed $10.5 million in fines, restitution and improvements to their equipment after 232 eagles were killed by running into power lines in Wyoming.

And in 2005, the owner of a fish hatchery was ordered to serve six months in a federal halfway house and pay a $65,000 fine for shooting an eagle that was feeding at his uncovered hatchery.

Wind power in the U.S. generates 41,400 megawatts of electricity. California represents just a fraction of that total, suggesting the number of raptor kills is considerably higher nationwide. Yet according to records, USFWS has not prosecuted a single company for violating one of the many statutes protecting threatened and endangered birds.

God Al Gore forbid that there should be anything negative ever publicised about the planet saving bird chopper, prosecute a company that distributes electricity and has birds fly in to its power lines, but sweep under the carpet any violations of law by a Church of Climatology approved generation facility.

Hypocrisy has always been a foundation stone of Al Gore’s Religion where us lesser beings are told how live our lives by the self appointed guardians of the planet, the mantra we are supposed to follow is “Dont do as I do, do as I say“.

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  1. Moorlandhunter

    The RSPB support wind turbines that kill all kinds of birds even the RSPB’s beloved raptors by the dozen each year.
    Never a word from them about birds killed by the hundreds each year by turbines or that fact they kill so many raptors the RSPB’s most beloved birds each year. The silence is deafening but woe betide anyone who is linked with any fanciful claim that a raptor is shot or poisoned when the Police and RSPB twerps swarm over the land in an effort to find any evidence of shooting, even a raptor feather would do. Take the fanciful case where a Ranger, I think an RSPB one, but I am not sure invented his very own laws of physics regarding the speed of sound and light. He said he heard two loud bangs of a shotgun being discharged some 500 metres away, turned to see two raptors hit and fall to the ground on the Sandringham estate. If he could have seen this then I wonder why the worlds eminent physicists have not beaten a path to his door to explain his new laws of physics.
    After his claim the land where the mythical raptors were supposed to have fallen was crawled over by the Police and RSPB busybodies no dead raptor were found and no evidence was found that any bird had been shot, yet the ‘crime’ is still recorded on the RSPB site as a raptor killing.
    But not a word from them when raptors get chewed up by the blades of wind turbines…….because its so green don’t cha know and anything green can’t harm wildlife, particularly birds so it seems. Blinkers all round.

  2. Yeah seems like I remember saving some brand of minnow was more important than ‘what people wanted or needed’ but now, HEY GOLDEN EAGLES, OH well fuck ’em !!!
    I am so sick of this shit, people really do NOT care where the electricity comes from, they are not required to build those turbines. Fucking, I am so sick of the idiots ‘in charge of stupidity’ constantly just DO shit and then OH WELL if it doesn’t work, or if it does something crappy – same people who swarm on us, like that guys comment above me, when they even PERCEIVE we’ve done something against their ‘eco world’ – like extincting a minnow that’s pretty much exactly like all other minnows, BUT NOT – and nobody even gives a shit.
    Not just the wind farms, but, also electric poles with connectors on separate sides of the poles, that is the EXACT wingspan of eagles, so when they land on these beautiful tall wooden perches, they get electrocuted.
    I give up.

    I haven’t searched all the way through your blog yet, but, have you written up anything on WATER in the United States? And how ‘government’ is buying water rights, buying water and moving it in trucks to ‘someplace’ and also using EPA or some lying arm of the government to ‘inspect’ the land of people with natural springs, creeks, etc., and then declare ‘something wrong’ so they can take over the water ??? Because that one right there, now that scares me.
    ONE state has OUTLAWED RAIN WATER COLLECTION. They said that is THEIR water, and it’s a dry state so a whole lot of people put barrels out to catch water to put on their lawns, or whatever they want to do with it. The STATE said if you catch that water, then they won’t get enough water for THE FARMS or some stupid fucking retarded dictatorial insane bullshit LIE to stop people from getting free water.
    CAN’T collect rainwater. WHAT – THE – HELL ??

    • David Walden

      Rain water collection outlawed in US? Sounds very scary but not original. Same thing happened in Cochabamba, Bolivia where free market fundamentalism combined with government might in an attempt rob the people of their right to water. US engineering giant Bechtel lay behind this disgraceful privatisation. Let’s face it the greatest crime of all is the Western promotion of neoliberalism. If we don’t get past the myths about ‘free markets’; ‘private industry as more efficient than nationalised industry’; ‘wealth will trickle down’ and more generally that business knows best…we are all going to be in a canoe with no water to paddle on.

  3. 14 million fewer birds would be killed by human causes if all fossil fuel power were replaced by wind energy world-wide.

    Wind energy is a strong net positive for bird populations except when exceptionally badly sited.

  4. this is stupidest post ever talk about finding any reason to complain about wind farms this has got to be it
    National Research Council concluded that wind turbine losses account for “a minute fraction” of bird deaths caused by human activities:

    Collisions with buildings kill 97 to 976 million birds annually; collisions with high-tension lines kill at least 130 million birds, perhaps more than one billion; collisions with communications towers kill between 4 and 5 million based on “conservative estimates,” but could be as high as 50 million; cars may kill 80 million birds per year; and collisions with wind turbines killed an estimated at 20,000 to 37,000 birds per year in 2003, with all but 9,200 of those deaths occurring in California. Toxic chemicals, including pesticides, kill more than 72 million birds each year, while domestic cats are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of songbirds and other species each year. Erickson et al. (2005) estimate that total cumulative bird mortality in the United States “may easily approach 1 billion birds per year.

    lets remove all the building,power cables ,cars while we are at it as well


  5. Brian G Valentine

    Wind turbines for utility electric power must be the stupidest concept ever devised.

    They were useful for grinding grain or pumping water on a ranch – they had no other useful means to do it.

    Replacing constant capacity utility electric power generation with things that rely on chaotic weather patterns is beyond imbecilic

  6. Why can’t they put a thing around them like home fans have, but on a larger scale of course.

  7. The only viable and legal three state solution could be the UN partion agreement of 1947, ratified
    by Israel as a condition precedent to its being recognized as a state,
    i.e., Resolution 181, which provide for three future states
    provide in Israel, occupied Palestine and occupied Jerusalem.
    There is often no peace between Israel and occupied
    Palestine, till Jerusalem is really a free and independent, neutral City State as set forth in Resolution 181.

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