Chris Hune – Crown Prosecution Service Request More Evidence From Essex Police

The Crown Prosecution Service has requested more evidence from Essex Police in their investigation into allegations that Chris “Family Values” Huhne got his estranged wife Vicky Pryce to take penalty points for a speeding offence that Huhne committed.

Since the whole story started Huhne has tried to hide behind his family, using various tactics to try to protect his career; this culminated with Essex Police on July 2nd raiding Price’s home and seizing a mobile phone belonging to their 18 year old son.

The CPS have had the file on Huhne and now they are requesting more evidence from Essex Police:

The Crown Prosecution Service has requested further evidence from Essex police as it examines allegations that Mr Huhne asked Vicky Pryce, his estranged wife, to accept his points so he could keep his licence.

The move by the CPS is likely to increase the pressure on Mr Huhne.

Both he and his Miss Pryce are being investigated for perverting the course of justice, an offence which carries a maximum life sentence.

Both have been interviewed by police but have yet to be arrested.

Detectives also seized a mobile telephone belonging to the MP’s son, Peter, 18, during a raid at the family’s £2million home in Clapham, South London.

The speeding offence is alleged to have taken place in 2003 when the then-MEP was driving home from Stansted airport after flying back from the European Parliament.

Mr Huhne denies the allegations.

In an interview with a newspaper, Miss Pryce appeared to admit that she accepted three speeding points on behalf of her husband: “Yes, he did….

“But, look, there is such huge pressure on politicians to be everywhere at once, especially early in their career, so that they are visible – huge pressure – and he does drive a bit like a maniac.

Unfortunately he still went on to lose his licence and I drove him everywhere for months after that.”

The CPS must already have a reasonable case against Huhne and possibly Price as well, by requesting more evidence the CPS are trying to dot i’s and cross t’s, there is also the possibility that Pryce will be offered immunity if she testifies against Huhne.

It can’t be long now until Huhne hears the words “Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne you are charged with Perverting the Course of Justice, How do you plead?

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  1. Well I hope they hang him out to dry. Here’s another for you to contemplate Tory

    If the link doesn’t work turn to ‘Convoy of No Confidence’ these Aussies are dead serious.
    This link is 9 mins long, but well worth contemplating. But there are shorter ones available.

    Considering the number of people holding rallies and storming on Canberra, this government hasn’t made one comment yet. But the convoy of trucks is massive surely they can’t ignore this one. Shame you can’t organize something outside Australia House.

    • Not only Australia House, but also Downing Street and perhaps more importantly Brussels are where the demonstrations in Europe need to be.

  2. Incidently was his house involved in the recent riots in Clapham?

  3. If that had been one of us mere mortals, surely this would have been over and done with by now?
    Definately a case of one law for the rich, another for the rest of us

  4. The cops have to be careful with VIP’s. But – the onus on them is prove he is guilty.

    It will certainly taint his reputation as mud sticks.

  5. eech for god’s sake, who gives a damn? Eco terrorists want to re-educate us and kill 90% of the world with Ebola, and they want to rail on about some ‘ticket points’ – *disgust* ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
    so NOW what are they going to do, spend 50,000 bucks trying to prove something worth nothing?

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