Climate Change – Now We Must Fear Alien Attack

Because of rising CO2 emissions we could be attacked by aliens, yes really!

This is probably the most ridiculous fear scenario that the Church of Climatology have ever come out with, we could be attacked by aliens monitoring us from space because of our obscene CO2 emissions, which having failed to increase global temperatures, could still piss off alien life forms.

What is worse these aliens might be green, that’s not green as in little green creatures from Alpha Centuri, but green as in eco mentalist green:

“Green” aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet. “These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets,” the authors write.

However fringe lunatic this appears the standard warming alarmist message of we must restrict (economic) growth and go back to living in mud huts and never travelling more than 5 miles from our village is repeated, if we do this then the aliens who might have attacked us, might not attack us, or something like that.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Difficult to know how to take this. Climate change types are not noted for their sense of humour where core beliefs are involved, yet it reads like a spoof.

  2. Lucky for us aliens will nook Mars and Venus first as those planets atmosphere’s are 95% ‘greenhouse’ CO2 thus deducing that Martians and Venusians are even MORE out of control than us piddly Earthlings!!

    Then again, planetary annihilation based on spectroscopy is sooooo scientific…. especially considering my unscientific global warming views. Strewth.

    Great site Tony!!!

  3. Reminds me of a email joke I got from a friend in UK. She started off by saying goodbye
    she was packing her bags. Scrolling down, there were three little green aliens dancing away
    under which was written. “Aliens will be arriving soon to pick up any good looking middle-aged women.. be ready to receive them..”

    Way back in the 1940s there were people knocking on doors waving the bible, saying the
    Earth will erupt into flames soon, make your peace with the Lord’. During the second world
    war before the atom bombs hit Japan.

    I think you will agree for everyone genuine environmentalist there are some who want to prove their predictions right either quoting religion and the bible – now they are being proven extremists and frauds, they have to turn to other means to scare people.

    Maybe they should have used the theme, we are in danger of alien invasions, as they seek out atmospheres high in CO2 more than their own.

    Keep these coming Tory I really enjoy them.

  4. Priceless, why can’t the powers that be simply give up and admit they just want THEMSELVES to be rich whilst the rest of us suffer!
    We might actually start believing them then!




  6. I left a comment at the Grauniad when they first published this ridiculous along the lines of:

    “These ‘scientists’ appear to be getting very desperate as the climate change scam collapses around their ears – this is now really clutching at straws. These stories just keep getting funnier and funnier.”

    They deleted my comment because it breached their “terms and conditions”.

    Nah – that’s just pure-and-simple, straightforward Left-wing censorship! 😉

  7. Sorry, that should say “this ridiculous story” in the first line.

  8. If you read the link you will have seen that Penn State were involved so the chances of this fanciful fiction is quite probable when you remember Michael Mann and his hockeystick

  9. Yes, I noticed they were involved – it explains a lot – and as for the Grauniad, they did exactly what I expected them to do, (how predictable), what a bunch of Lefty twaddle merchants and commie censors!

  10. Maybe they were smoking some strange weed? LOL. But what about this link. They may have been having a go at skeptics, but don’t you think it back fired. They still think they can control the weather, eh?

  11. ROFL that vid is a must see :-))))

  12. Yes it was a funny video but I think it was meant to criticize climate skeptics.

  13. bit too subtle then for a denier like me, just took it at face value

  14. Micahel Mann has been whitewashed so many times he should be a fucking snowman

  15. Yes Tory, but the Australian Fed Senate passed a new ‘world first’ legislation on Monday
    farming carbon credits. Years ago the Greens and PETA said they would tax livestock for their dirty methane emissions at $11 per head and $7 a head respectively. Now a world first they will give farmers carbon credits on projects suitable including curbing methane emissions from livestock. Can trade anywhere around the world eh. Grow trees not crops.
    Gaunaut suggested this in New England a centre for fine wool and beef production, they could make as much money farming carbon (credits) as they could out of wool. And the same nut suggested farmer farm kangaroos. Ever tried to milk a kanger or shear one.

    They are trying to tax livestock in the US of A. too. But getting this legislation via the back door when a carbon tax hasn’t been passed is a bit much?

  16. Have you seen the CERN report and reactions of various
    newspapers on this. Well I am speaking to the converted but now they have accepted that cosmic rays combine with water molecules to form clouds. And when there is solar activity these cosmic rays are deflected from the earth, therefore effecting cloud cover. That’s why deserts are boiling through the day and freezing at night. No cloud cover. And frost won’t form when there is cloud cover. Why don’t you inform Chris Hulne and Cameron to redo their computer models.

    In other words they have to accept that we can’t claim any credit for being able to change climates by cutting
    emissions and taxing them.

    The truth hurts don’t it? LOL

  17. read the story on Climate Realists LoL….but back in the Church of Climatology daily newsletters aka the Gruniad they pushing climate of fear war stores again, dusted off the dead horse is back for a second dose of flagellation 😀

  18. well as i see it if the aliens wated to kill us off they would have of done it by now. assuming that they have the resources and intelligence to do so. im more concerned about the global ecosystem collapsing and humans being as smart as we are will not be able to stop the snow ball affect we’ve created.

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