Wind Turbines – Now They Are A Threat To National Security

Wind Farms don't work, ruin people's lives, slaughter birds and now threaten National Security

The Wind Farm, the single most useless form of reliable electricity generation yet invented, and the second most expensive for consumers after biomass.

Wind Turbines blight lives, ruin landscapes and slaughter protected birds with impunity, now these symbols of Climate Religion pose a threat to National Security:

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is blocking plans for hundreds of wind turbines because it says their “seismic noise” will prevent the detection of nuclear explosions around the world.

The MoD claims that vibrations from new windfarms across a large area of north-west England and south-west Scotland will interfere with the operation of its seismological recording station at Eskdalemuir, near Lockerbie. The station listens out for countries secretly testing nuclear warheads in breach of the 182-nation Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

At a meeting today, Carlisle council rejected the latest application for six wind turbines at Hallburn Farm, near Longtown, because of the MoD’s objections. The noise from the turbines would increase interference to an unacceptable level, the MoD said.

The company that made the application, REG Windpower, warned that plans for many other windfarms in the area were similarly affected. As much as one gigawatt of renewable power was being held up by the MoD, the company told the Guardian.

This is equivalent to about a quarter of the UK’s current onshore wind capacity, and could make an important contribution to meeting UK targets to cut the pollution that is causing climate change, REG Windpower argued.

A company with a vested commercial interest in grabbing tax payers money by subsidy, is complaining that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is holding up its money grabbing plans because the bird choppers interfere  with National Security.

An expert study for the MoD concluded that although the station could cope with some seismic noise, increasing this beyond a certain level would cause interference. The limit has now been reached so the ministry is objecting to every new wind turbine within 50km of Eskdalemuir.

This has generated frustration among wind power developers because the area has many attractions for them. It has good wind speeds, is sparsely populated and is close to centres of electricity demand.

But REG Windpower’s development director, Matt Partridge, was hopeful of a breakthrough in finding a technical fix for the problem. “We’re optimistic there will soon be a solution,” he said.

No prizes for guessing who will pick up the bill for any viable technical solution as the Greenest Government Ever tries to be first over the cliff of economic suicide, and now the cliff of National Security, all in the name of a system that fails to deliver reliable affordable power while supposedly protecting us from a harmless trace gas that is essential for life on earth.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Good for the MoD. But why did it take them so long?

    • Because it took that long for the oil lobby to cook up a lie the MoD was willing to swallow to attack wind farms on. What a pathetic load of bilge this whole pile of crap is.


  3. It’s the same in Oz. Farmers are paid $AUD10,000 a year rental for every turbine on their land. If as one farmer suggests he gets $150,000 a year, probably more than what he gets through agriculture, then why wouldn’t they allow them to be erected on their land. You put this on the cost of the electricity these terrible things generate then why are they trying to
    to push it on to people all in the name of protecting the environment from a harmless trace gas.

  4. Wind turbines work whether people agree or not. They are part of the mix of energy not the solution. Pylons, buildings, airports, communication towers etc are no better than wind turbines yet no one really objects to these. Why? They see a benefit to them. Typical human behaviour.

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