Electric And Hybrid Cars Fail To Sell In China

Toyota sold just 1 Prius in the worlds fastest growing car market - China

News that there are now 1 billion cars on the world’s roads has got the eco mentalists running around in circles and barking at the moon.

For some reason the Church of Climatology was expecting China to be different from the rest of the world where sales of electric cars in Britain and the US are declining sharply. In Britain attempts are being made to help with range anxiety by installing charging points at motorway service stations, while in America charging points are being removed as there is no demand for them.

China is now rethinking the whole electric car idea on the grounds of cost and what are politely called technical concerns:

It is a fitting location to expunge a little car-related angst prompted by some stunning car industry statistics that have emerged in the past few days. If you are even slightly concerned about the environment, prepare to be depressed. If you are Jeremy Clarkson, start rubbing your hands with glee now.

First, the number of cars on the planet has just passed the billion mark. Second, more than half of the new growth is in China. Third, Toyota managed to sell only one Prius in China last year. That’s right. The world’s most commercially successful hybrid car has found only one buyer in the fastest growing market. SUV sales, by contrast, are surging.

No wonder we are choking. Despite all the promises of green growth and reduced emissions, traditional car sales are accelerating, while efforts to shift towards “greener” hybrid and electric vehicles are stuck in neutral, particularly in the place where it matters most.

According to the trade journal, Ward’s, a record 35m new vehicles were sold worldwide last year. That is 95,500 extra cars being added to the global traffic jam every day.

No Grauniad post on cars would be complete without a mention of the anti-christ Jeremy Clarkson and of course the always present hypocrtical double standard, it would be absolutely wonderful if all the new cars were electric or hybrid, but as they are not symbols of climate religion it is time to get the ducking stool out.

Most of the new demand came from developing nations, particularly China. But the country’s efforts to promote “green” cars has been lagging. This is not just affecting Toyota. It had been hoped that generous government subsidies and policy support would help domestic manufacturers like BYD to leapfrog better established overseas rivals by mass producing electric cars.

But BYD have scaled back their ambitions after failing to find a market due to cost and technical concerns. Reflecting the lack of progress, prime minster Wen Jiabao recently published an article in a Communist party journal calling for a rethink of China’s “road map” towards alternative powertrain vehicles.

The electric car like the wind turbine is another deeply flawed idea from Climate Religion, China already knows all too well the environmental impact of wind turbine manufacture, coupled with the environmental impact of battery manufacture and disposal for wheeled vibrators, it is no surprise that China is rethinking the whole idea.

Hat tip to the Chinese for only having one pretentious green poser who brought a Prius, 1 person in a population of 2 billion fell for the hype, while sales of that devils chariot the SUV and luxury cars are spiralling upwards.

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  1. Hardly surprising they don’t sell. Pathetic range, excessive recharging time, undersized, overpriced and 20,000 pounds to replace the batteries. The latter also means no secondhand market

  2. and less safe than conventional cars because weight is an issue and for every 100lbs in weight they save makes the vibrator 5% less safe than an real car. The 5% figure comes from a study in the states which I think Rick Morano wrote about

  3. TA, hope your blood pressure is stable. I came across this lot today after receiving a job spec:

    The Carbon Disclosure Project (https://www.cdproject.net/en-US/Pages/HomePage.aspx). If you want to know where all the money is going, look no further.

  4. Ban ki-moon found a new gig then

  5. isn’t it the case that the prius is a must be seen in accessory for celebrities in the good old US of A, but when they need to get anyway they revert to the far better gas guzzler.

  6. guy from china

    where do you get the information that toyota only sells one prius in china(last year)?

  7. The figures on car sales came from IHS Automotive based in Shanghai who produced a report on sales of cars in China.


  8. The issue is freedom of choice. If you don’t appreciate individual choice, you are beyond reasonable conversation. Deriding those who chose to conserve natural resources and money for their own purposes and reasons illustrates that you are nothing more than a arrogant, fool.

    FYI: I wouldn’t buy a Leaf or Volt because they are grossly over priced.

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