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£860 million Green Subsidy Pulled At The Last Moment

Dept of Energy and Climate Religion have pulled plug on renewable heat at last moment

The Green credentials of Dave’s Greenest Government ever have taken another knock with the news that at the eleventh hour DECC have pulled the plug on a near £1 billion subsidy for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) citing of all things, the European commission as the problem.

It is kind of hard to swallow that the EU so wedded to Green anything would stand in the way of tax payer handouts to the purveyors of Climate Religion approved power sources, the less charitable more optimistic might think the government was starting to slink away from the Global Warming scam.

Now those that have already counted their tax payer funded handouts are angry: Read the rest of this entry


The Empty Promise Of Green Jobs

The warming alarmists constantly whine about the huge alleged subsidies that are paid to the oil and gas industry, but as the above chart, from the House Budget Committee shows the subsidies paid to the renewables for wind power are 94 times the subsidy paid for natural gas, similar subsidies are paid in other countries including Britain to make renewables economically viable.

Also repeated across the planet is the great Green jobs mirage lie, it is no surprise that a country like Spain’s economy is in tatters after the Spanish jumped on the Green jobs bandwagon and then found every Green job created, cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

A report by the House Budget Committee concludes that the history of Green jobs is one of universal failure: Read the rest of this entry

Watermelon Marxists – Let’s Make Ecocide A Crime

You are guilty of wanting to provide affordable energy

When belief in your religion declines sharply then there is little else left but the repressive marxist trick of making your religion law.

Enter Ecocide which is essentially believe in the religion of the warming alarmists or goto  to jail.

Ecocide includes fracking and extraction of oil from tar sands, in fact Ecocide would cover everything in any way connected to fossil fuels, progress and that most hated of heresies, economic growth.

Now a British lawyer has identified a massive new litigation revenue stream and submitted to the UN the crime of Ecocide: Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming Has Fallen Off The Political Radar

Warmist blog "How The Climate Change Deniers Won"

The first of the influential US warming alarmist blogs is conceding defeat with a post entitled: “How the Climate Change Deniers Won”, they then go on with aid of a diagram to show how common sense prevailed over junk science.

Time and time again the warming alarmists crowed about all the governments of the world believing in their Climate Religion, if this were indeed the case then how could Global Warming have dropped of the political radar?

The problem with warming alarmist facts and figures is they, like the science are founded in fantasy, take for example the 97% consensus lie, in reality 99% of climate scientists disagree with Climate Religion.

Then there were the scary fear stories about environmental holocaust, which failed to scare anyone after the CO2 wolf repeatedly failed to materialise when summoned. Read the rest of this entry

Obama – Texas Is On Fire Becuase Perry Is A Climate Change Denier

Obama and Gore discuss settled science

Obama is toast in 2012 even the Democrats are starting to think Obama, to use his own words to describe Gordon Brown’s  regime in Britain, has the “smell of death” about him.

There is little that Obama can use as his record of success as President, jobs, the economy, climate religion all have been monumental failures, like Brown, Obama’s only option is to attack.

As Obama slips ever further in his presidential approval ratings so Obama’s attacks on Perry are becoming wilder, so wild that in fact the Obama’s total ignorance of science is becoming embarrassing for him and the Democrats: Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown – The Delusional Exploding Fuckwit

As Britain struggles under the weight of debt from the profligate spending of the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer and the worst Prime Minister in 300 years Gordon Brown, a new book says that Brown has been stewing in a pot of righteous indignation garnished with delusional thoughts of him saving the world, again.

Brown slithered out from underneath his rock in August to launch a diatribe of lies against News International and to let everyone know that he, Gordon Brown was right about everything and everyone else was wrong.

The world looked on and said “Sorry Gordon you have us confused with someone who gives a shit about you

Now a new book Brown at Number 10 by Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge reveals more about the most damaged personality to become PM since the end of World War 2: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MP Neil Carmichael – The Wind Turbine Hypocrite

Wind farms are only acceptable when I can make money

When is a wind turbine a “monstrosity”?

Answer when there are votes for Neil Carmichael MP to be gained from it.

When is a wind turbine acceptable?

Answer when Neil Carmichael MP can make money from it.

Post the MP’s expenses scandal our “cleaned up” Parliament is supposed to be transparent and our MP’s fit for purpose, yet here we have a man that even by the slime standards of Dave and his Vichy Government is a total slime ball.

A man with a total integrity by-pass who will say one thing for political gain and another for personal financial gain, in this case grasping for tax payer subsidies for renewable energy, while having his salary and expenses paid for by the public purse: Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmism – Even The Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Call Every Day

The ruins of the Church of Climatology

The shrill shrieks of fear from the warming alarmists are starting to grow fainter and sound more tired than ever, as zombie like they repeat the mantra sound bytes of Al Gore’s all but dead Climate Religion.

The Guardian, specifically Damian Carrington, is bleating about the lack of Arctic sea ice, well there is a lack of sea ice if you Carrington like, cherry pick the data; then try to smooth over Atlasgate and Glaciergate as either being mistakes, or were spotted by warming alarmist scientists anyway so there is nothing to see here.

The carefully crafted “mistake” used by  Climate Religion has long been a useful weapon in the spread of lies about man made climate change, and as always the whole thing is underpinned by the consensus lie Read the rest of this entry

Fracking – The Lies Of The Gasland Documentary

The recent massive shale gas find by Caudrilla in Britain has made headlines around the world and put the fear of Al Gore up the warming alarmists and eco mentalists in Britain.

The Green enviornment lobby from Chris Huhne and Caroline Lucas downwards are all quoting a US science fiction documentary, Gasland, as the deinitive truth about hydraulic fracturing or fracking as it is called.

The director of the movie Josh Fox shot the movie  in areas of the US where there has been methane contamination of groundwater for decades, and certainly well before any fracking operations took  place, but according to Fox this does not matter: Read the rest of this entry

Green Terror – Britain’s Second Affordable Energy Revolution

Cuadrilla's shale gas drill

Britain is on the verge of a new energy revolution with the announcement by Caudrilla that is sitting on 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas from just 2 wells drilled near Blackpool in north west England.

In the US shale gas has sent gas prices falling and shale gas will do the same for Britain where the big 6 energy suppliers have recently announced price hikes of between 15% – 20% for gas.

Naturally the thought of cheap, affordable energy has got the watermelon marxists in up in arms, with the Greens and eco menatlists terrified that their heavily tax payer subsidised renewables will lose out, because no  one wants to pay 3p per kWh for gas when they can pay 8p per kWh for land based wind, or 9p per kWh for off shore wind, do they? Read the rest of this entry