Gadaffi Fall – Saif al-Islam And The European Environmentalists

Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority set up by Saif al-Islam to deceive european environmentalists

Saif al-Islam now wanted for war crimes, was the acceptable face of the Gadaffi regime regarded more as an international playboy than the son of a despotic psychopath, Saif was welcome everywhere he went by people such as Lord Peter Mandelson who was then a Labour Cabinet Minister, Labour peer Lord Nathaniel Rothschild; Saif claims that former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a personal friend.

The whole acceptable face of the tyrant was one giant con that sucked many people into it, there are more than few public figures who are going to have some explaining to do in the near future.

At the time Saif conceived the idea of the Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority Climate Religion and hysteria were at their peak, and Saif knew how easy it would be to con the ecomentalists desperate to appease the giant CO2 wolf that Al Gore had terrified them with:

But the most audacious plan Saif dreamed up was to capture the hearts and minds of Europe’s environmentalists. He claimed he was interested in transforming Libya into a environmental oasis, a new “green” paradise. This promise enchanted Euro-environmentalists. Here was a progressive Mideasterner, a member of the 30-something generation who would bring environmental nirvana to a North African state.

Saif commissioned British architect Lord Foster to oversee the development of the “Green Mountain” area of Libya, near Benghazi. He invited Robert Adam, Prince Charles’ favorite architect, to attend the inauguration in 2007. It had the feel of a lavish Cannes film festival in the desert — few of the environmentalists seemed to express misgivings about the rather large carbon footprint.

Adam later told the Guardian:

They laid on a dinner, a tented hotel, flights in private jets, the works.

It was hailed by environmentalists as the “world’s largest sustainable development.” Lord Foster told the attendees about the project:

This is one of the most beautiful and little-known landscapes on Earth. We’ve been give a unique challenge: to establish a sustainable blueprint for future development which will be sensitive to the history of the Green Mountain and to its conservation.

The heart of the environmentally sustainable complex was to be a series of exclusive hotels.

The attendees at the environmental gala seemed oblivious that while they partied in excess, 40% of Libya’s people lived below the poverty line. And half of Libya’s young are unemployed. This for a nation with the largest oil reserves in Africa.

Googling Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority returns over 200,000 results, none of which are more recent than September 2007.

The ecomentalists were in raptures, the Guardian had what can only be called a journogasm:

On Monday, in the ruins of the Green Mountain’s ancient city of Cyrene, Gadafy’s second eldest son, the bookish Saif al-Islam Gadafy, nervously announced the ambitious scheme to a crowd of VIPs, local dignitaries and journalists. “We must build our own societies in a way that minimises the release of greenhouse gases, while allowing every citizen to share in the social and economic benefits of well-planned development,” he said in halting English, before signing the extremely important-sounding Cyrene Declaration.

The declaration basically says everything the world would want to hear: sustainable development; archaeological conservation; eco-tourism; renewable energy; environmentally responsible town planning; micro-banking; education; biofuels; even production of “the finest quality organic food and drink”. In essence, it was a declaration that Libya are now more interested in saving the planet than bankrolling terrorists

“Libya are now more interested in saving the planet than bankrolling terrorists” , if you believe that, then it’s a synch that Climate Religion is a workable belief system for you; as both are founded on wishful thinking and fantasy.

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  1. “40% of Libya’s people lived below the poverty line. ” — where in hell did you get this number? Do you know anything about Libya? Who are you trying to fool? Do you know what the average wage in Libya is?

    Do you know foreign companies were obligated to reserve 90% of its workforce for Libyans? Do you know how many foreigners were working in Libya?

    Do you now —- housing is free. Food is subsidized. Cars are 50% state-subsidized. Education. Health. Do you know farmers get land, seeds, equipment, subsidies free to develop their produce?

    Do you know why the Libyan State Fund was invested abroad? Try finding out what exact level of oil/gas reserves is. Then match that to a population that is 70% under 40 years of age (i.e.. population is growing). Then calculate how much the state spends on social services mentioned above. Then try to consider how this growing nation will continue to survive once the oil/gas era is over.

    Or was this “article” commissioned from you?
    Really. Educate yourself. The future of 6 million Libyans is being ripped out from under their feet.

    PS – Tourism was the future in Libya. Saif al-Islam was the one working on simplifying the visa situation to allow in more tourism, and it was with projects like Green Mountain. You probably don’t know that over 70 billion was invested in infrastructure in 2010 alone thanks to Saif al-Islam’s lobbying of foreign corporations. High-speed trains joining east to west were in the works. The solar power project was in the works.

  2. Fernando Martinez

    Go to hell, Tory Aardvaark. The Gaddafi’s did more for more Libya and Libyans than anyone ever will. You shut your trap and cease the demonization of Gaddafi’s. He was neither a psychopath or a despot as you say. He lived in a rough neighborhood and he knew how to deal with the badboys over there. So stop speaking ill of the dead you bastard. Viva Gaddafi.

  3. Fernando Arauxo

    It was a satanization of Gaddafi fest back in 2011. It was horrible seeing that country being torn apart by NATO, Sarkozy and Obama. I hope they burn in hell.

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