London Olympics Abandons Carbon Off Setting Pledge

About that carbon off set pledge to get the Olympic games in London, er... We lied

When Britain won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics back in 2005, Climate Religion was approaching the zenith of it’s power and part of the bid was making the Olympic Games a shining example of trendy Green symbolism, the games were supposed to be carbon neutral.

Attempts to provide the dreaded and inefficient renewables to the site have proved to be difficult, the ever present bird choppers have mostly been abandoned and the bulk of renewable energy will come from biomass boilers and some last minute solar panels.

Part of the deal involved a carbon off setting plan where Britain indulged in wealth redistribution invested in clean energy projects in poor countries:

Organizers of the London 2012 Olympic Games dropped a plan to cut carbon emissions during the sporting showcase, abandoning a pledge made when it defeated eight other cities to host the event.

Games administrators will “no longer pursue formal offsetting procedures” to mitigate Olympics-related emissions, documents posted on the London Olympics website said.

David Stubbs, the head of sustainability at the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympics Games, or LOCOG, said in an interview that going ahead with the plan would have shifted the focus away from Britain.

Scrapping the plan, which would have involved offsetting the emissions generated by the Games by investing in clean- energy projects in poor countries, underlines how carbon-saving measures are being overlooked to save money as the U.K. cuts spending and increases taxes amid an economic slowdown. By ditching the program, LOCOG may avoid spending as much as 2.7 million pounds ($4.4 million), according to prices quoted by brokers MF Global.

“Officially, if you want to go down certified carbon- offsetting all projects have to be overseas, so if we plant a lot of trees in Essex that just doesn’t count,” said Stubbs, referring to the English county. “Because the Games are in the U.K., we wanted to maximize the Games locally. Doing formal offsetting would be diverting things.”

An interesting new Church of Climatology fact has just floated up, not only the science has to be politically correct, but also the location of any tree planting must also be politically correct otherwise only politically incorrect carbon will be consumed by the trees.

Organizers of the Games had intended to compensate for some of the greenhouse-gas emissions generated by the construction and staging of the Olympics by purchasing so-called carbon offsets, or credits, which are created by funding clean- technology projects in developing countries. Greenhouse-gas emissions are blamed for climate change. Offset projects generate carbon credits when they reduce pollution versus a business-as-usual scenario.

Dropping the plan is “not fair,” said Darren Johnson, a Green Party member of the London Assembly, the governing authority for the capital. “Obviously we want the Olympics to benefit London, but environmentally they should be a green Olympics to benefit the whole world as well.”

Its “not fair” says an eco mentalist, well Darren Johnson there’s the way it is, and the way it should be. For a time you ecomentalists managed to convince people that your way it should be, was actually the way it was, those days are gone now, welcome to the way it is.

The leaders of the Church of Climatology are calling people who don’t buy into the scam every name under the sun, their scientists false prophets are making more and more ludicrous predictions, including Alien invasion, and now the Greenest Government ever is allowing the Greenest Olympics to commit blasphemy.

Deathly silence from Dave on this, and not a peep from Attila the Huhnatic either, curious for the Greenest Stupidest Government ever and their all important (to them) Green credentials.

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  1. No I challenge you there Tory WE have the stupidest government in the world – down under.
    But one little ray of sunshine. The Victorian government has now altered the placement of wind turbines they have to be 10 km from the nearest town or residence. That will stuff up
    the advance of these turbines. Because of the risk of health problems with residence near the turbines. Seems its to do with low sound waves that irritate inner ears giving the symptoms very similar to Menieres disease.

    And the CERN report? That’s causing problems in the AGW community. You should check it out on WUWT.

  2. its a close run thing between the Aus, Brit & US govts, Gillard is unique, so is Chris Huhne then there is Holdren…………..

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