Climate Scam – David Cameron Very Worried About Cost Of Green Policies

The face of the Greenest Government Ever; talk to the hand the face is not listening

The Greenest Ever Dave is a very worried man, very worried, because the Climate Religion he bought into is in ruins, the Climate Religion that David Cameron believed he could derive some political gain from has crashed and burned.

Cameron and Huhne were warned by the Confederation of British Industry that their Green energy policies were killing jobs and the recovery, Cameron and Huhne ignored them; next the Manufacturers Association issued a similar warning, and  again Cameron and Huhne were deaf.

Now the Greenest Ever Dave is very worried because one of his senior political advisers is saying what many bloggers and journalists have been saying for the last year:

Household energy bills will rise by more than £300 a year as a result of the Coalition’s green policies, a senior Downing Street adviser has told David Cameron.

The Prime Minister has been warned that government plans to get people to reduce their bills through efficiency measures are likely to fail.

Mr Cameron’s senior energy adviser pours scorn on claims by Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, that rises in gas and oil prices will be offset by people using less power. A note by the adviser describes his department’s analysis as “unconvincing”.

It warns that the Government’s move to increased nuclear power, wind turbines and other measures will add 30 per cent to the average family’s annual energy bill of £1,069 by the end of the decade.

Mr Cameron is said to be “very worried” about the figures in the paper, written by Ben Moxham, his senior energy adviser who was recently brought in to beef up the Prime Minister’s policy unit.

The private note, seen by The Daily Telegraph, is titled “Impact of our energy and climate policies on consumer energy bills”. It was sent to Mr Cameron and offers a blunt assessment of how Coalition energy plans, in particular a series of green policies, will affect householders.

It concludes: “Over time it is clear that the impact of our policies on consumer bills will become significantly greater.”

Rising energy bills represent a problem for the Coalition at a time when wages are being squeezed and inflation is high.

Mr Cameron has vowed to bring down energy prices by giving the regulator Ofgem tougher powers, but this year he has had to watch as energy companies increase their prices.

The disclosure that Mr Cameron’s own policies are likely to add “significantly” to the burden on householders will anger voters.

Now this will be interesting to watch unfold Dave on a collision course with his Climate Religion minister, and votes at risk because the Green genie is now out of the bottle and the main stream media are starting to suffer catastrophic Climate Religion fail. In common with a snail, it is easy to see where Cameron has passed along a sidewalk, just follow the slime trails and slime is going to be in abundance as Cameron tries to slither out of his Green pixie suit.

Just two months ago, Mr Huhne described calculations by researchers at Cambridge University that the Coalition’s reforms would increase bills by 32 per cent as “rubbish”.

The six-page document, dated July 29, says: “DECC’s [Department of Energy and Climate Change] mid-case gas price scenario sees policies adding 30 per cent to consumer energy bills by 2020.”

The report then identifies four policies that it says will increase bills, including the Government’s demand for energy to come from more renewable sources and the plan to guarantee power companies a fixed price for electricity if they use low carbon methods to generate it

You can read the full letter sent to Cameron and 12 of his aides here.

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  1. A start, but will Cameron kill the “green” obsession?
    And will he do anything about the excessive taxation of petrol and diesel (particularly diesel)? This is particularly bad in the UK, but it’s also an EU problem. Even in EU countries with the lowest prices, they are still around double everywhere else outside Europe.

    Just for comparison. It cost me (all taxes included in an oil-importing country not in Europe) the equivalent of 62 Eurocents or 54 pence per litre for diesel yesterday.

    • NS
      don’t come to turkey then as prices here have been over 4TL a litre for some time now, which is strange considering turkeys geographical location. I think this government has bought into the revenue raising aspect of green taxes big time and is gouging its people to the bone..
      Bear in mind the average turks monthly wage is 500 or 600 TL, teachers only get 2000TL if they are lucky and get enough classes to bump it up.
      thankfully the pound is closing on the 3tl mark now, it was only 2.20 to the pound at the beginning of the year, and peaked a week or so ago at 2.97.

      from what I gather a lot of the pain being suffered here is because of the influence of the EU and turkeys government desperate need to get into it. I am not sure that is a widely held view of the actual people who will be voting in any referendum, and while there are a lot of very rich people in turkey these days, the country is booming, the poor are very poor and and as I say the average wage is less than £200 a month for a 50 or 60 hour week. My wife’s sister works for a supermarket and has to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week for about 800 TL, and she gets a couple of 15 minute breaks in that time as it is store policy to only ever have 2 people working in them, the supermarket incidental is owned by Mr One Minutes son. A man who’s family seem to have their fingers in many pies throughout the country. the wife is buying up hospitals.

      but I digress, don’t think it is only EU countries that are being scalped in the quest for green glory.

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