Electric Cars – Will Be As Cheap As Conventional Cars In 20 Years Time

In 1907 the viable electric car was just around the corner, in 2011 the viable electric car is just around the corner

A viable electric car has been just around the corner since 1907, and now over a century later, no surprising for guessing a viable, affordable electric car is just around the corner.

Electric and hybrid vehicles have been evangelised by the warming alarmists as Green and eco-friendly, despite the batteries being used for these sacred vehicles causing an environmental holocaust in the countries that provide nickel for the batteries.

To date the carbon footprints of EV’s have only ever been their use, the impact of manufacturing and scrapping these vehicles has always been omitted from Church of Climatology propaganda

Sales of EV’s in Britain, USA and China have all but stopped, an attempt to kick life back into EV’s in Britain is unlikely to make any difference to EV sales.

The 2 major stumbling blocks EV’s have is cost, and range anxiety when compared to conventional internal combustion engine:

Electric cars will not be able to compete with conventional cars on price until 2030, a report said on Tuesday.

The total cost of ownership – the upfront price and running costs such as fuel and insurance – of environmentally friendly electric vehicles is currently around £5,000 more than petrol and diesel cars, found the study undertaken by consultancy Element Energy and commissioned by the public-private Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LCVP).

The government’s climate advisers wants to see 11m electric or plug-in hybrid models on UK roads by 2030, to meet the UK’s carbon targets.

But even if fuel prices double to £3 a litre, the authors said, the overall cost of electric cars will be higher than conventional combustion engine cars. Electric cars today cost around £30,000 without a government grant of £5,000

The carefully worded government grant is in fact a subsidy paid out of tax payers money.

The LCVP report suggests electric and plug-in hybrid cars produce lower carbon emissions over their lifetime compared to petrol and diesel cars, provided they are powered with renewable electricity. But Archer said it was unlikely such cars would make a large contribution to government carbon targets. “The majority of carbon savings in transport will come through the improvement of conventional cars and the switch to biofuel,” he said.

The report suggests that EV’s produce lower carbon emissions than conventional cars, many things are suggested but it is a matter of established fact then when the full impact of a vehicle is taken into consideration: manufacture, use and scrapping the greenest vehicle ever is the Land Rover with an average life of 40 years per vehicle.

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  1. what are the environmental and political costs of oil

  2. we have just been having a interesting discussion on the topic of subsidies and electric cars over at


    some people refuse to accept that they are an impractical device at best..

    I wonder how they decide if the electricity coming out of your electric tap is sustainable or not?

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