Green Party Britain Should Give Up Economic Growth

Caroline Lucas - Developed nations like Britain should give up economic growth

Caroline Lucas, Leader of the Green Party and their one and only MP has been talking to the Guardian about her leader’s speech and her plan for a Green pre Agricultural Revolution marxist Britain.

Among the topics discussed are the end of economic growth for Britain:

• Lucas said developed countries like Britain should give up economic growth.

“Advanced industrialised economies like ourselves cannot afford to go on growing, particularly if we want to give people in poorer countries a chance of being able to at least meet their basic needs,” she said. It was a mistake to make growth an economic objective, she added, saying: “Growth is a side issue. The end goal is about prosperity in terms of greater wellbeing, in terms of greater equality, in terms of having a cleaner environment, in terms of having more security for your kids in the future.”

So what happens when a economy stagnates and year by year and inflation eats away at the fixed weath of a nation?

North Korea springs to mind.

But she stressed that giving up growth as a policy goal needed to be accompanied by many other social changes. “If you simply said let’s throw growth out of the window, and didn’t change anything else, then you would see unemployment rise and you would see some chaos ensue,” she said.

No doubt Caroline Lucas’s vision for Britain is North Korea, economically and politically, as Dear Leader Lucas issues Green edicts from Environmental Palace they are carried on horseback to the villages of Britain.

Caroline Lucas's dream for Britain as illustrated by North Korea at night

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  1. Same Green vision for Australia……


  2. Yes Marcus see what is happening in Tasmania?

  3. Well, let her and all her family be the first in that line of what she so proudly speaks of. I bet that won’t happen.

    • Yes Me, they are setting targets for other people. If the carbon bubble bursts I can still see the alarmists trying to make excuses to cover their ignorance. She’s an extreme
      one of the things I think can help Britain, is get out of the European Union, curb the
      ‘all are welcome here to find work’, don’t they see how it is being abused. I saw Customs on a TV show here in Oz. There was a family of asylum seekers, returning to the Yemen with about 12 thousand pounds between them. But they had saved it up
      while there and on government assistance, plus sent money from their home, it was quite legitimate. The customs officer shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Well we handed out the money while they were here in Asylum, nothing we can do about it?’

  4. How would you like $12 k I bet you would be battling to save $2 in 18 months.

  5. Should have a pounds sign, but I don’t have one on my computer LOL

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