The World Needs To Prepare For A Climate Skeptic In The White House

Obama's brief window for wealth redistribution has closed

Oh boy the warming alarmists are in a state of fear about next year’s US Presidential elections, the odour of coffee is overwhelming as the global left awake to the realisation that their icon, Barack Hussein Obama is looking increasingly likely to be a single term President.

The global decline in believers in Climate Religion has been seized on by the warming alarmists as an opportunity to make man made climate change a left wing liberal cause celebre, something noble, lofty and intellectual that evil selfish right wingers deny.

The level of panic felt by the left can normally be determined by who they wheel out as the bogey men, in this case Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are the evil spectres that haunt the warming alarmists, and when they wheel out Palin and The Tea Party folks, the liberal  left are running scared:

A year or so ago, the very idea that the most powerful person on the planet could, within just a couple of years, be someone who refuses to accept the science that underpins our knowledge of anthropogenic climate change was almost laughable.

Sarah Palin – who is no stranger to climate scepticism – has long been on people’s lips as a future candidate for the US presidency. But most analysts thought that Barack Obama would likely see off any challenge from any Republican who flirted with the extremes of the Tea Party movement and its anti-science agenda. And that was before Obama received a political fillip after green-lighting the assassination of Osama bin Laden in May.

Sarah Palin and climate skepticism in the same sentence, readers in Guardian land are now horrified, that nice Mr Obama was going to make their Green eco hairshirt world a reality and now a woman from Alaska and some people who are against big government and big taxes have stopped the global steamroller of Climate Religion, some how.

Obama received little or no political fillip for ordering OBL to be smoked, George W Bush instigated the operation to take down OBL, and Bush got the credit from the US public, all the while Obama’s approval rating continues in free fall.

But everything has changed now. The US economy continues to wade through treacle and, as a result, there seems to be growing talk that Obama is destined to be a one-term president. And currently leading the polls as his most likely Republican successor is Rick Perry, the governor of Texas.

Latest opinion polls show Rick Perry 2 points ahead of Obama, it’s obviously early days yet, but as Obama plumbs new depths in his approval rating many US political commentators are now saying that Obama is too far gone to recover his popularity.

Last night, during the first of three televised debates between the current nominees for the Republican presidential candidacy (Palin continues to play her strategic game of “let ’em brew”), we got to see in high definition what it might be like to have a full-blown climate sceptic as US president. Here’s the exchange between the moderator, John Harris, editor in chief of Politico, and Rick Perry on the issue of climate change:

Harris: Just recently in New Hampshire, you said that, weekly and even daily, scientists are coming forward to question the idea that human activity is behind climate change. Which scientists have you found most credible on this subject?

Perry: Well, I do agree that there is – the science is – is not settled on this. The idea that we would put Americans’ economy at – at- at jeopardy based on scientific theory that’s not settled yet, to me, is just – is nonsense. I mean, it – I mean – and I tell somebody, I said, just because you have a group of scientists that have stood up and said here is the fact, Galileo got outvoted for a spell. But the fact is, to put America’s economic future in jeopardy, asking us to cut back in areas that would have monstrous economic impact on this country is not good economics and I will suggest to you is not necessarily good science. Find out what the science truly is before you start putting the American economy in jeopardy.

Rick Perry is a rare politician who has never climbed on the Global Warming Band Wagon, thus he is not tied to the Church of Climatology for reasons of ego, political correctness or a total inability to say he was wrong.

With canny timing, some fascinating polling was published yesterday by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Contained within a report called “Politics & Global Warming: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and the Tea Party” are the survey results of 1,010 adults questioned from April-May this year about their views on climate change. Here are the headline findings:

* Majorities of Democrats (78%), Independents (71%) and Republicans (53%) believe that global warming is happening. By contrast, only 34% of Tea Party members believe global warming is happening, while 53% say it is not happening.
* While 62% of Democrats say that global warming is caused mostly by human activities, most Tea Party members say it is either naturally caused (50%) or isn’t happening at all (21%).
* Democrats are more likely to agree that the record heat waves of the summer of 2010 (not 2011) strengthened their belief that global warming is occurring, while Republicans and Tea Party members are more likely to disagree.

In a more recent poll carried by out by Rasmussen on July 29-30 2011 , not the warming alarmists at Yale, 69% of those polled, irrespective of political affiliation believe that the so called “Climate Scientists” made up the data used to prove man made Climate Change.


Updated September 9th 2011 19:07 GMT

Latest Rasmussen poll shows only 24% of Americans think Al Gore knows anything about Climate Disruption,  the latest White House terminology for what was once Global Warming.

59% of Americans do not think that Gore is an expert on Global Warming while 43% of Democrats think Gore is the climate messiah, further proof of the polarisation of Climate Religion belief.

Voters also think that the big orange glowing thing in the sky is responsible for climate change,  a line of thought Gore during a multiple goregasm described as  bovine fecal matter.


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  1. What we really need is a sceptic at the head of the EU Commission as well. Or even better an EUGate and of course the MSM, particularly television, doing its job properly

  2. Every time we mention how cold it is and how that seems contrary to the “global warming” we were promised – we are told “weather is not climate.” Indeed, Marcus Brigstock can often be heard on the radio being “humourous” about our poor scientific understanding that we could conflate the two.

    Yet American Democrats feel that the heat wave THEY experienced is powerful evidence? But weather isn’t climate, my friends. Unless, apparently, it helps your case. : )

  3. Yes Steve the penny is dropping, but I wouldn’t like Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House. She’s better than the other female though, and prettier but we wouldn’t like to see someone like her be proposed as either a Presidental nominee or Vice President. I like the sound of Rick Perry too. But I don’t vote in US all I can do is standby and wait. I would like to see a change of government in Australia. But again – we will have to wait and see. Best of luck the United States, but the EU is trying to join Australia into their failing carbon tax schemes or trading. Oz would be mad to get on the sinking ship named SS.Climategate. Although the European parliament voted against increasing the carbon emissions scheme. Led by Poland initially but backed by 6 Tory EU MPs.

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