Guest Post – The RSPB Sells Out To The Enviroloons

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

The planned wind turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good. So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now?

A leading conservation group has told Walsall residents that a wind turbine proposed to be built near their homes will not harm birds in the area.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has said the planned turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good.

So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now?

John Leeson, co-ordinator of Hatherton Residents Against Wind Turbine Group, claimed: “It will be an eyesore because of its proximity to houses.

“Noise is another concern, and we have colonies of herons, Canada geese and breeding birds of prey in the area. None of them would appreciate this device.”

And so you’d think the organisation supposedly dedicated to birds would be right there with you, wouldn’t you?

But no. Birds are their bread and butter, yes indeed. But when it’s a toss up between protecting those birds and presenting the ‘right’ attitude to the Global Warming Bandwagon, well, bring on the bird-mincers!

…the RSPB’s senior conservation planner for the Midlands, Colin Wilkinson, said the turbine should be welcomed as it was unlikely to pose a threat to the conservation status of any birds.

He said: “Any threat has to be weighed against the national imperative to develop green energy sources. I doubt if there’s a strong case in that area in terms of impact on birds.

“A paper in the Nature journal stated that a third to a half of terrestrial species might be committed to extinction unless we can control dangerous levels of climate change, so we have some hard choices to make.

So, there you go.

Only one question: when are you changing your name to the RSPBUITI (Royal Society For Protection Of Birds Unless It’s Too Inconvenient)..?

You can follow Julia on Twitter @AmbushPredator and read her blog Ambush Predator. Always a good read and like it says on the header of Julia’s blog “You won’t see me coming….”

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  1. If this was not green energy, like a coal power plant, these retards would be all over trying to stop it, even though it wouldn’t kill any birds.

  2. It’s truly amazing just how the RSPB has done an about face over these turbines, which I detest no matter where I see them as they are so inefficient, blots on our landscape and a huge financial drain that is covered up in the lies of supposed man made climate change. The only people benefitting are the manufacturers of these blots and the landowners who allow them on their land. The reason is simple; it’s not about being green, carbon neutral and all that other guff but all about cold hard cash. The manufacturers of these blots get huge amounts of OUR money to build the awful things, and the landowners who get massive payments in rent of OUR tax money for allowing these carbuncles to be sitting on their land.
    On the bird side of the claim that they are a good thing, the RSPB used to oppose them as they harmed so many birds. Huge numbers of birds get killed each year by these large meat processors including endangered birds of prey, that if any other industry was killing off birds in the vast number and specie the RSPB would be jumping up and down with rage, but no, they have changed their mind despite the evidence. In one area of a Nordic country (I cannot for the life of me be bothered to trawl the web for the facts or the blog at the moment) large numbers of Eagles other raptors and plus many ordinary birds including migrating birds have been found torn to shreds under the blades of these turbines and yet the RSPB say they are not bad for birds. Why I wonder the RSPB changed its mind? I can guess.

  3. And bats. They’re pretty bad news for bats too. But I guess they figured the RSPCA would already be on board, given their interest in animals is about ‘nil’ these days…

  4. The RSPB have joined the lobbying enviromentalists ,their comments above fly in the face of their manifesto ,the reason for change they receive 18.5 million from the public purse and like so many”charities” today no longer work within their brief as in the aims stated but pursue items of vague ,to say the least, association so they can lobby various public bodies for further cash.
    If you want the details look on fake charities blog and all is revealed.
    Some years ago a friend at the time worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind,they had a huge amount of money in the bank but couldnt spend it as very few people are suitable for a guide dog so the money just kept piling up,this charity has always been near the top of the pile in donations received and although they now use some of the money to help the blind more generally at the time they resisted ,iv’e nothing against that charity but people should be aware what they are giving to as the recent clothing donation scandal has revealed.
    A spokesman for the RSPB was on Radio 4 giving a general backing for the windmills ,i kept waiting for him to mention the birds role in what he was spouting there was none.

  5. Hypocrisy of the highest degree!

  6. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!

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