Climate Reality Project – Al Gore The Tobacco Hypocrite

Anyone who tuned into Al Gore’s Goregasm yesterday could have been forgiven for thinking it was an anti-smoking campaign, not an attempt to keep the pews full at the Church of Climatology.

Questioning the use of tobacco to promote fear of man made climate change, Aardvark was soon informed as to the validity of the analogy, or not.

An excerpt from the Press Room of the Climate Reality Project states:

This campaign comes at a critical time. As the impacts of climate change are growing more prevalent, so is the resistance to finding the truth and implementing solutions. Just like the tobacco companies that spent decades in denial that smoking causes cancer, oil and coal companies are determined to sow denial and confusion about the science of climate change, ignore its impacts, and create apathy among our leaders

Al Gore is very informed about the tobacco industry, he should be,  he and his family were involved in the tobacco industry for many years:

Al Gore has conveniently forgotten that his family used to be in the tobacco industry.

As reported by NPR about an interview yesterday with Gore as part of his 24-hour assault on climate science:

He went on to accuse those who express the loudest doubts about whether humans are contributing to climate change of “doing exactly the same thing that the tobacco industry did after the Surgeon General’s report came out” linking smoking to cancer. “They hired actors and dressed them up as doctors and gave them scripts” saying that smoking isn’t harmful. Today, said Gore, “carbon polluters” are paying for climate change doubters to say similar things.

But as reported by the New York Times in 1998,

Six years after Vice President Al Gore’s older sister died of lung cancer in 1984, he was still accepting campaign contributions from tobacco interests. Four years after she died, while campaigning for President in North Carolina, he boasted of his experiences in the tobacco fields and curing barns of his native Tennessee. And it took several years after Nancy Gore Hunger’s death for Mr. Gore and his parents to stop growing tobacco on their own farms in Carthage, Tenn.

So it seems that the Al Gore and his family were quite content to profit from tobacco users for more than 20 years after the January 1964 publication of the first Surgeon General report on smoking and health.

Al Gore the complete hypocrite, from the massive carbon footprint of his lifestyle to his, and his families involvement with Big Tobacco, Gore knows you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I know he is a complete hypocrite, but the AGW’s can’t or won’t see it. But his 24 hour
    climate reality got a poor showing. I wonder how much that cost him?

    OT/ I’m on WUWT and Joanne Nova’s site at present. Has UK implemented a carbon tax?
    I thought they hadn’t as yet? Unless the EU agree to cut their emissions by 2020 too.
    Maybe I am getting mixed up with the Green Energy Bill?

  2. i was wondering
    given the tory`s stance on this issue
    The Government believes that climate change is one of the gravest threats we face, and that urgent action at home and abroad is required. We need to use a wide range of levers to cut carbon emissions, decarbonise the economy and support the creation of new green jobs and technologies. We will implement a full programme of measures to fulfil our joint ambitions for a low carbon and eco-friendly economy.

    We are committed to optimising energy from renewable sources. In the Spending Review, we announced over £200 million of investment in manufacturing facilities at port sites and technology innovation to support the development of offshore wind power and energy efficiency technology for buildings.
    We are facilitating new nuclear power stations by removing unnecessary obstacles to investment, while ensuring there is no public subsidy.
    We will continue public sector investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology for four coal- or gas-fired power stations. We have already announced up to £1 billion of investment in one of the world’s first commercial scale CCS demonstration projects at a power station.
    We will establish a smart grid and roll out smart meters.
    We will create a green investment bank to finance green infrastructure, with £1 billion of public investment already announced.
    We have retained energy performance certificates while scrapping HIPs.
    We will establish an emissions performance standard that will prevent coal-fired power stations being built unless they are equipped with sufficient carbon capture and storage.
    We will refuse permission for additional runways at Gatwick and Stansted following our success in ensuring the cancellation of the proposed third runway at Heathrow.
    Through our ‘Green Deal’, we will encourage home energy efficiency improvements for up to 26 million homes, paid for by savings from energy bills.
    We will reform energy markets to deliver security of supply and investment in low carbon energy, and ensure fair competition.
    We will give an Annual Energy Statement to Parliament to set strategic energy policy and guide investment.
    We will work towards an ambitious global climate deal that will limit emissions and explore the creation of new international sources of funding for the purpose of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
    We will push for the EU to demonstrate leadership in tackling international climate change.
    We are providing £2.9 billion of international climate finance to help developing countries pursue low carbon growth and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

    i take it the web site name is intended to mock the torys in someway then ?

  3. ps sorry to here that
    UK Total Politics – Tory Aardvark Blog (TAB) falls out of the rankings from last year

    i blame one of your editors

  4. Actually before the election, the International Express issued a note under environment
    that the government were not going ahead with a Green bank, as they had done their sums and found it would prove too expensive and drive down the economy. And clean energy
    as they call it wasn’t effective. Well to be effective it has to work 24/7 like conventional
    energy suppliers.

  5. I realize that Gore has been in business partly through contributions from Tobacco companies, but we really should not give Gore too much of a hard time about that. I hear rumblings from the greenie side that they now view Gore as an albatross around their necks, and they would like him to remove himself from the environmental movment. We do not want the Greenies dumping Gore as their head guy, he does so much damage to the greenies naturally that he could easily be mistaken for a climate denier. We do not want him replaced by some one who might actually be competent. He’s the devil we know, if you will.

    So I say Keep Al Gore! Keep Al Gore!

  6. klem I absolutely AGREE!

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