Wind Farm Paid £1.2 Million To Produce No Electricity

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours

Here we go again, wind farm owners being paid 10 times what they would have been paid if the bird choppers had been operating, £120k to generate electricity for 8.5 hours, £1.2 million for generating nothing.

As more and more households in Britain slide into energy poverty the Greenest government ever continues to shape its energy policies on junk science.

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours. The amount is ten times greater than the wind farm’s owners would have received had they actually generated any electricity.

The disclosure exposes the bizarre workings of Britain’s electricity supply, prompting calls last night for an official investigation into the payments system.

The £1.2 million will go to a Norwegian company which owns 60 turbines in the Scottish Borders.

The National Grid asked the company, Fred Olsen Renewables, to shut down its Crystal Rig II wind farm last Saturday for a little over eight hours amid fears the electricity network would become overloaded.

The problem was caused by high winds buffeting the country in the wake of Hurricane Katia.

In total, 11 wind farms were closed down last week, receiving a total of £2.6 million. The money – detailed in calculations provided by National Grid – will be added on to household bills and paid for by consumers.

As Britain pushes for more and more wind farms, critics claim the size of the ‘constraint payments’ will grow accordingly – raising serious concern about the long-term suitability of wind power to meet Britain’s energy needs.

Crystal Rig received by far the largest single payment because the National Grid runs an auction, inviting energy companies to say how much they want in compensation for switching off.

Crystal Rig’s owners asked for £999 per megawatt hour of energy they would have produced had they been switched on. Incredibly, the figure Crystal Rig had bid was accepted by the National Grid.

Had the turbines remained on, Crystal Rig’s owners would have received the going rate of about £100 per megawatt hour instead. Half of that is in the form of a generous consumer subsidy.

Tim Yeo, chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, called for an urgent inquiry into the prices paid to the wind farms.

“The very principle of paying wind farm owners for not producing is one that is offensive to consumers,” said Mr Yeo, “It looks like a new version of the Common Agricultural Policy where people are paid not to produce things.

“It looks on the face of it like an extraordinary overpayment by National Grid, for which an urgent explanation is required. This requires an immediate investigation by the energy watchdog Ofgem.”

Meanwhile millionaire Climate Religion Minister Chris Huhne says “Crippling Energy Bills Are YOUR Fault“.

Nothing to do with Green Taxes from Huhne’s Ministry of Climate Religion then.

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  1. If this is true then it is an appalling waste of public money, and a definite two-fingers at those of us mere mortals living in energy poverty hell. I can barely afford to pay for the tiny amount of energy I actually use, without also having to line the pockets of the already-rich

  2. uh and they wonder why europe is in a crisis

  3. Why do the RSPB not contest the bird chomping machines that kill raptors by the dozen each month? If raptors were killed by a innocent farmer or innocent gardener using rat poison to poison rats and then the dying rat was eaten by a raptor, killing it after a while there would be a huge enquiry, farms and shed searched by the Wild life Police and RSPB ‘experts.’ Following this up would be lots of TV coverage of RSPB people in puce face rages about the awful killing of raptors and the unlucky farmer or gardener who poisoned the rat would be up on charges. But when raptors are killed by these bird chomping, countryside blotting monstrosities, not a word from the activists, just the sound of money disappearing into landowners bank accounts as the turbines produce nothing but dead birds.

  4. my gast has never been so flabbered. this is a real disgrace and these subsidies should be stopped. If the system was so great there would be no need to subsidise it.

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