Chris Huhne Does Not Care About Energy Poverty

Chris Huhne halts dash for gas and affordable energy because of Climate Religion

The complete and total insanity of Chris Huhne has surfaced yet again, and this time Attila the Huhnatic is putting a stop to cheap gas because of Carbon targets.

This is the government minister who said “Crippling Energy Bills Are YOUR Fault“, while presiding over an Alice in Wonderland renewable energy policy that pays wind farms 10 times the amount of money they would get paid, for not generating electricity.

David Cameron is said to be very worried about spiralling energy costs, as are the Confederation of British Industry and the Manufacturers Association, everyone is worried except Huhne who is determined to stick to Climate Targets, no matter what the cost is.

If the LibDems want to help energy customers, they should take steps to reduce its cost outright rather than create a further maze for hapless consumers to have to navigate. Dismantling the green taxes so beloved by Mr Huhne, which add to the cost of energy without making any significant dent on global warming (even assuming that it is a problem) would be a start.

The rest of world have largely abandoned Climate Religion the notable excpetions being Julia Gillard’s regime in Australia and the EU, both of whom are hell bent on commiting economic suicide while the rest of the developed world looks on in wonderment.

The UK’s “dash for gas” will be halted by the government because if unchecked it would break legally binding targets for carbon dioxide emissions, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening.

“We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

The number of gas-fuelled power plants is increasing rapidly because they are fast and cheap to build compared with alternatives

Fast and cheap to build and do not require huge subsidies to be economically viable, therefore it makes complete sense to put a stop them, well in the weird wacky world of Chris Huhne it does.

The problem is that what happens today in Huhneworld, happens tomorrow in the world of reality where the rest of us dwell and of course they are no prizes for guessing who will pay for the cost of Hunhe and his NGO mates at the WWF.

But climate change campaigners have warned that too much gas capacity is being built, meaning either the carbon budgets intended to help tackle global warming would be broken, or the gas plants would be left as stranded assets.

“The secretary of state’s statement is a welcome recognition by the government that there are constraints on the deployment of gas as a climate-effective solution to our future energy needs,” said David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF UK. “The government should be looking at the deployment of renewables, that already must be at 30% by 2020, at increasing rates during the 2020s.”

Since when did an unelected NGO have the right to state what the make up of Britain’s electricity generation infrastructure must be?

WWF, FoE, Greenpeace et al have no interest in anything but their Climate Religion, the human cost in jobs and energy poverty is not even on their event horizon, all that matters is blind unswerving adherence to  their cherry picked junk science.

I recommend you look at the film Gasland, which is a bit of a wake-up call,” Huhne said. “There are some extremely alarming pictures of people setting fire to their taps because of methane gas bubbling up.”

Gasland is a piece of warning alarmist propaganda founded in about as much science fact as Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and now the Minister in charge of Decc is recommending that warming alarmist propaganda makes the case for stopping cheap gas.

This is now way past you could not make this up, this is fast becoming criminally negligent.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Just O/T one of the recently voted Liberal MPs resigned because he had fraudulently done the same thing as Hulne, botched some speeding fine onto another. It will cost another bi-election but no worries the Liberal have an extreme majority in the State Lower House.

    The AGW is falling apart. Lack of evidence and also the cost of clean so called energy and the waste of monies given as subsidies. In USA one company Solyan has gone bankrupt,
    being investigated by the FBI. The only viable solar panel and windmill companies are in China and they are laughing all the way to the bank because of this AGW fraud. Even offered the EU Bank a loan to help them out of their financial crisis. Well the Chinese are pragmatic. And in someways, they are a better bet than the AGW carbon credits traders who most probably are causing all the financial crisis in Europe because of this obsession of
    AGW strategies, and investing in clean energy that costs more and is ineffective.

    The carbon bubble is about to burst, and hopefully UK doesn’t get downed because of it.

    • I did read something in the paper this week about that solar energy panel maker in china being picketed by locals because they have been polluting the countryside.

  2. The other thing being pushed by Huhne is so-called ‘smart meters’ (which we will have to pay for) where they’ll be able to switch off our electric without giving us any notice because we’re all using too much! We already have smart meters in place: the ones we already have because who is going to be wasteful with energy the way the prices are going up? Most certainly not me but probably people like Huhne who don’t have to worry as he is a millionaire two or three times over!

  3. “this is fast becoming criminally negligent”

    It is and Huhne of course can afford to clear off to somewhere warm when it all goes pear-shaped.

  4. Did you actually see “Gasland?” It hardly mentioned global warming at all, but was concerned about fracking polluting groundwater.

  5. I did see Gasland, typical warming alarmist propaganda that is against the use of anything but renewable energy that does not work and is only economically viable by huge subsidy from tax payers. The guy who made the movie was arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest which hardly makes him a neutral source on agw and fossil fuels.

  6. I don’t remember Gasland saying much about renewable energy — its focus was on the threats to groundwater from fracking. Are people who live near fracking sites not supposed to care if their water is tainted?

    Regarding subsidies; fossil fuels created at least $120 B in economic damages (mostly to health) in 2005, according to a 2010 study from the National Research Council. That’s a subsidy of about $400/person/year all taxpayers are paying. And this number doesn’t include the costs of climate change…. Fossil fuels received $4 B in subsidies in FY2010, and over the last 20 years DOE R&D has given more to coal than renewable energies.

  7. Did I actually say that the film pushed renewable energy?

    The flim is part of an agenda to stop anything but renweable energy, hence the film maker being arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest

    • > Did I actually say that the film pushed renewable energy?

      Yes, you did. At 16:02 you wrote, “I did see Gasland, typical warming alarmist propaganda that is against the use of anything but renewable energy….”

      The film is about the potential for fracking to contaminate groundwater. His protest of the pipeline was an independent action, though it may also be due to an underlying concern for environmental damage. You do realize that a clean environment is a good thing, right?

  8. We obviously have different implementations of English, I repeat it is part of the agenda that is against anything but renewable energy, I had meant anything but that I would clearly have stated that film directly pushes the climate change agenda.

    Every single new form of fossil fuel find or method for extraction is immediately opposed by the enviornmentalists becuase it deflects money from their beloved renewables, the Guardian for example regularly goes on about this.

    As to caring about the environment I do, but what they are attributing might be due to shale gas extraction and might just happen with Keystone is nothing compared to the environment holocaust in China caused by wind turbine production and in Canada for Prius batteries

  9. You can repeat it all you want — you’re still wrong. The focus of Gasland was about groundwater contamination from fracking.

    > Every single new form of fossil fuel find or method for extraction is
    > immediately opposed by the enviornmentalists becuase it deflects
    > money from their beloved renewables….

    It seems to me they’re opposed because they are polluting, they damage health, and they are causing climate change.

    > …Keystone is nothing compared to the environment holocaust in
    > China caused by wind turbine production and in Canada for
    > Prius batteries

    Absurd. Environmental damage in Canada from mining tar sands is far greater. And China’s skies are choking from burning fossil fuels, especially coal, and contributing to climate change as well.

  10. Talking of absurd and grey propaganda…..Gaslands

    The Gaslands movie showed dramatic footage of householders setting light to the water coming from their taps – which phenomenon director Josh Fox said had been caused by fracking. Fox recently admitted knowing before he started shooting the film that the area had a long history of methane-contaminated water going back decades, but said it had “no bearing” on the decision.

    Gaslands was shot in area that has a long history of methane contaminated water, this is a matter of fact as stated by the director, causes me to ask questions as to the methods and validity of any conclusions that are drawn. How do you distinguish between previously present methane and new methane that may or may not have been released by fracking, or I am expected to suspend disbelief and .follow the usual climate religion misuse of English where conditionals like: if, maybe. could are interpreted as absolutes?

    As I said just grey anti fossil fuel propaganda from a man arrested at the Keystone pipeline protest, which is about fossil fuels.

    Oppostion to fusil fuels is at the heart of the warming alarmist agenda.

  11. “Gasland” was not shot in a single area; its locations included PA, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas among others. Moreover he interviewed people who said their water was fine until shortly after fracking began nearby.

    Is Fox’s film the end of the story? Of course not. It aims to draw attention to the problem, which is has. Lots of studies, hearings, and discussions are taking place, which is a good thing.

    On a separate note: Of course those who accept the evidence of AGW oppose fossil fuels — they are the heart of the problem.

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