Green Terror – Britain’s Second Affordable Energy Revolution

Cuadrilla's shale gas drill

Britain is on the verge of a new energy revolution with the announcement by Caudrilla that is sitting on 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas from just 2 wells drilled near Blackpool in north west England.

In the US shale gas has sent gas prices falling and shale gas will do the same for Britain where the big 6 energy suppliers have recently announced price hikes of between 15% – 20% for gas.

Naturally the thought of cheap, affordable energy has got the watermelon marxists in up in arms, with the Greens and eco menatlists terrified that their heavily tax payer subsidised renewables will lose out, because no  one wants to pay 3p per kWh for gas when they can pay 8p per kWh for land based wind, or 9p per kWh for off shore wind, do they?

It’s going to be a cold winter in Britain. Last week, EDF became the latest energy company to raise retail prices, announcing an average 15.4% hike for natural gas, which many Britons rely on to heat their homes. Earlier in the summer, British Gas said it would raise its average gas prices by 18%. Scottish Power has flagged a 19% increase.

But help may be on the way, and it isn’t coming from winter-fuel subsidies from Westminster. This week, Lichfield-based energy exploration firm Cuadrilla Resources estimated that some 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas is wedged underground in shale rock beneath northwest England. If everything goes according to plan, Cuadrilla hopes to bring the first gas to market in 2013.

As recently as 2004, the U.K. was a net energy exporter. North Sea oil and gas production has since dwindled, Britons have become ever more reliant on imported energy, and average household prices have roughly doubled.

The cost of imported energy and the ludicrous subsidies paid to the renewables industry are all driving energy prices up, with nearly 6 million households in energy poverty, 2 million of them homes to old age pensioners, you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone would be pleased, well you would be wrong.

Caroline Lucas solitary Green  MP and Leader of the  UK  Green party has this to say:

One fear is that the water produced as a result of the process could contaminate local water sources such as aquifers, which provide about 30% of the UK’s water. Fracking produces water that is essentially toxic waste containing salts, radionuclides and carcinogens leached out of the rock, as well as the chemical components of the drilling mud and fracking fluid .

There have been widespread allegations of environmental and health side-effects in the United States, leading to the formation of high-profile anti-fracking campaigns.

Firstly as Lucas knows all too well that, the fracking methods used in Britain bear no resemblance to those used in the US, and that’s  according to the Tyndall Centre for warming alarmism in Manchester, secondly a report for the Government concluded that there was no danger of aquifer contamination from fracking.

In France fracking has been suspended as France has a nuclear industry to protect, no other reason, though the French ban is often quoted by the Greens.

The case against fracking used by the supporters of Climate Religion, like Chris Huhne frequently uses a propaganda film called Gaslands, which is the usual spin and faint truths so beloved of the eco mentalists.

The Gaslands movie showed dramatic footage of householders setting light to the water coming from their taps – which phenomenon director Josh Fox said had been caused by fracking. Fox recently admitted knowing before he started shooting the film that the area had a long history of methane-contaminated water going back decades, but said it had “no bearing” on the decision.

This is the film that a government Climate Religion minister recommends as informative and accurate on fracking, which was shot in an area that has a long history of methane contaminated water which predates any fracking operations.

Yet another reason why Chris Huhne is a liability for Britain.

The Greens and their dream of pre Industrial Revolution Britain is fast fading and now they are crying that:

But campaigners against the unconventional source of gas warned developing the fossil fuel could draw investment away from the UK’s potentially huge renewable industry.

The old myth of the mirage of Green jobs that have yet to happen anywhere globally, and economies like Spain that have sacrificed 2.2 real for jobs for every 1 green job created, are in ruins.

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