Tory MP Neil Carmichael – The Wind Turbine Hypocrite

Wind farms are only acceptable when I can make money

When is a wind turbine a “monstrosity”?

Answer when there are votes for Neil Carmichael MP to be gained from it.

When is a wind turbine acceptable?

Answer when Neil Carmichael MP can make money from it.

Post the MP’s expenses scandal our “cleaned up” Parliament is supposed to be transparent and our MP’s fit for purpose, yet here we have a man that even by the slime standards of Dave and his Vichy Government is a total slime ball.

A man with a total integrity by-pass who will say one thing for political gain and another for personal financial gain, in this case grasping for tax payer subsidies for renewable energy, while having his salary and expenses paid for by the public purse:

However, as a Tory candidate in Stroud he once described a single turbine proposed at Lympsfield as a “monstrosity”, and recently pledged to work to protect Gloucestershire’s rural landscapes from “excessive” developments.

Now he is refusing to give his support to controversial proposals by energy firm Ecotricity which could lead to eight 120m-high turbines being built at Berkeley Vale, Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire, and which are strongly opposed by local residents there.

Wind turbines are still a bad thing where Carmichael has votes at stake, however 230 miles away in Northumberland, wind turbines are acceptable on one of 2 farms owned by Carmichael:

Carol Brodie, chairman of the Campaign for Reasonable Energy Development in Tynedale, said Mr Carmichael had not considered the impact his turbines would have on the local area.

I was appalled when I heard he was opposing similar proposals in his constituency. Once the (Northumberland) turbines have been put up the character of this area will be lost for ever,” she said. The Bavington turbines would each be 410 feet tall and Mr Carmichael’s potential deal involves npower.

Carmichael knows his political career wont last for ever, hopefully not beyond next the General Election, so it’s time for some serious nest feathering at the tax payers expense, truth and integrity are always the first casualty of personal gain for politicians.

Bill Short, another local resident, accused Mr Carmichael of “total hypocrisy”.

He said: “He is building one on his own land because it’s not going to affect him as he is down south, and he is going to make a lot of money out of it.

“He is opposing it in his own area because he will lose votes if he doesn’t – so it is entirely a matter of convenience for him.”

Carmichael is everything that is rotten and duplicitous in British politics, as more households in Carmichael’s constituency sink into energy poverty because of tax payer subsidies for ludicrously expensive renewable energy, it will surely be of great comfort to them to know the man they voted for is directly benefitting from their misery.


Hat Tip to gg_girl for the story

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