Gordon Brown – The Delusional Exploding Fuckwit

As Britain struggles under the weight of debt from the profligate spending of the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer and the worst Prime Minister in 300 years Gordon Brown, a new book says that Brown has been stewing in a pot of righteous indignation garnished with delusional thoughts of him saving the world, again.

Brown slithered out from underneath his rock in August to launch a diatribe of lies against News International and to let everyone know that he, Gordon Brown was right about everything and everyone else was wrong.

The world looked on and said “Sorry Gordon you have us confused with someone who gives a shit about you

Now a new book Brown at Number 10 by Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge reveals more about the most damaged personality to become PM since the end of World War 2:

The door of No 10 had closed behind Gordon and Sarah Brown and they’d walked hand-in-hand with their two sons down Downing Street.

It was a touching image — and, for many, the last glimpse of the man who’d plotted and schemed for so many years to become Prime Minister.

What next? Deep down, Brown felt intensely vulnerable and wasn’t at all sure what to do.

As an ordinary MP, he didn’t feel comfortable going to the House of Commons, where he feared he might be humiliated. Nor was he keen to present himself to the Tories as a potential target.

Much of those first few weeks were spent on the telephone, talking to friends across the world — including Bob Geldof — about possible future roles.

Brown also found it difficult to get to grips with the reality of him no longer being Prime Minister, after months in his bunker hiding from bad news and marshalling his non existent armies of supporters the cold light of reality, hit Brown hard, really hard.

As political events moved on, he craved the power to release statements.

And in the few speeches he delivered, he found it hard to curb his tendency to make policy announcements.

‘You’re not Prime Minister any more,’ he had to be reminded regularly.

What’s more, unlike Tony Blair and his high-earning wife Cherie, he had to face the fact that he and Sarah had significant debts.

Indeed, in his final months in No 10, Brown had been plagued by anxiety about how on earth he was going to manage to look after the family if he lost the election.

Brown is addicted to power, wrapped securely in his own personal belief that he is the omnicogniscent one.

When Brown’s book Beyond the Crash, crashed and burned last December, Brown was wounded deeply because the book didn’t receive the plaudits Brown felt he deserved.

On all other decisions during his premiership, Brown believes he was in the right: if errors were made, they were the fault of others. And so he simmers on, feeling betrayed and badly treated.

In his worst moments, he suffers from paranoia, feeling that the Parliamentary Labour Party, the Cabinet, the service chiefs, the media and the Civil Service all conspired to thwart his ambitions to build a better Britain and a better world.

To some extent, he’s right: by the end of his dysfunctional premiership, many individuals in these groups did indeed want to see him harmed and even destroyed. These days, Brown remains at his most prickly when defending his economic record.

But if he has few defenders, it’s little wonder. Despite his impressive contribution towards saving the banking system, his reputation for economic competence now lies in tatters because of his failure to set out a credible plan for reducing Britain’s deficit.

Gordon Brown and Labour were a disaster for this country, particularly Brown.

As Labour struggles in the polls with it’s new leader, the strange egg creature from Fraggle Rock, it is worth remembering that Brown remained Prime Minister because the Labour Party lacked people with sufficient courage to unseat an out of control delusional bully.

Instead the spineless molluscs of the Labour cabinet cowered as Britain burnt in the fires of Browns insane spending, if a party in a democracy cannot remove it’s Leader,  then this political party lacks the necessary backbone and integrity to ever be trusted to govern Britain again.

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