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Guest Post – Hope They Sweep It For Polar Bears First…

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

Polar bears at the Von Post Glacier on Svalbard, Norway

Artist Alex Hartley and 18 volunteers excavated about six tonnes of material from an island exposed by a retreating glacier on the Svalbard peninsula in Norway.

The material will be sculpted into a piece of art called Nowhere Island and floated along the South West coast for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

It is one of 12 arts projects funded by the Arts Council to represent each of the UK regions as part of the Cultural Olympiad to run alongside the sporting events in 2012.

In other words, we’re paying. All £500,000 of it. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Sea Levels Are Not Rising

Ice displaces the same volume in water as it would if it were not frozen

The most often repeated lie used by the warming alarmists is that 97% of Climate Scientists are in consensus, probably the next most repeated lie is that sea levels are rising because of melting Arctic ice.

Both lies have become cornerstones of the Church of Climatology, but twice in 2011 NASA have announced that sea levels are dropping, this was confirmed by the European Space Agency earlier this month.

Satellite monitoring shows a drop in sea levels and then there is the inconvenient Truth of Archimedes, who like the Medieval Warming Period is ignored by the warmists: Read the rest of this entry

Michael E Mann And The Hockeystick That Turned Into A Boomerang

If Mann’s hidden data, once exposed, is shown to be flawed it will not only discredit a cornerstone of global warming ‘science’ but will expose Mann to possible criminal charges for fraud over his hyped up man-made global warming claims.

Michael E Mann creator of the fantasy hockey stick that is a corner stone of the Church of Climatology, arrogantly thought that the whitewash inquiry that Penn State conducted into his scientific methods, post Climategate was the end of the story and it would be business as usual in the Anthropogenic Global Warming fear industry.

The change in the balance of power in the US House of Representatives last November was a signal for fear to start spreading through the warming alarmist community, which must have been an usual experience for those used to spreading fear.

The Republicans then further added to the Climate of Fear for the warming alarmists by announcing it was “Heads on Poles Time for the warming alarmists.

The net is closing on Penn State and Michael Mann, who after a last ditch desperate legal battle to keep his calculations secret, has now been ordered by a Court to release the information within 90 days: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne A Dangerous Liability For Britain, The Proof

Chris Huhne branded a Dangerous Liability

Chris Huhne is a dangerous liability says Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in an interview with Energy Live News:

“Chris Huhne has become a dangerous liability for the government. His unpopular green energy policy is adding to rising energy bills, which represent a serious problem for the government.

“If Chris Huhne has his way, Britons will be forced to subsidise renewable energy by approximately £120billion in the next 20 years. Electricity prices are likely to double as a direct result. As a result, many manufacturing firms will either go bankrupt or relocate.

“This is politically and economically unsustainable. It is no surprise that a recently leaked letter by David Cameron’s energy advisers described Huhne’s analysis as “unconvincing” and warned that his green obsession will hit consumers hard.”

With the UN COP17 Climate Religion synod due to start in just over 2 months, now is a good time to review what Attila the Huhnatic has been up to since COP16 ended in failure: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Does Not Care About Energy Poverty

Chris Huhne halts dash for gas and affordable energy because of Climate Religion

The complete and total insanity of Chris Huhne has surfaced yet again, and this time Attila the Huhnatic is putting a stop to cheap gas because of Carbon targets.

This is the government minister who said “Crippling Energy Bills Are YOUR Fault“, while presiding over an Alice in Wonderland renewable energy policy that pays wind farms 10 times the amount of money they would get paid, for not generating electricity.

David Cameron is said to be very worried about spiralling energy costs, as are the Confederation of British Industry and the Manufacturers Association, everyone is worried except Huhne who is determined to stick to Climate Targets, no matter what the cost is. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farm Paid £1.2 Million To Produce No Electricity

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours

Here we go again, wind farm owners being paid 10 times what they would have been paid if the bird choppers had been operating, £120k to generate electricity for 8.5 hours, £1.2 million for generating nothing.

As more and more households in Britain slide into energy poverty the Greenest government ever continues to shape its energy policies on junk science. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Reality Project – Al Gore The Tobacco Hypocrite

Anyone who tuned into Al Gore’s Goregasm yesterday could have been forgiven for thinking it was an anti-smoking campaign, not an attempt to keep the pews full at the Church of Climatology.

Questioning the use of tobacco to promote fear of man made climate change, Aardvark was soon informed as to the validity of the analogy, or not.

An excerpt from the Press Room of the Climate Reality Project states:

This campaign comes at a critical time. As the impacts of climate change are growing more prevalent, so is the resistance to finding the truth and implementing solutions. Just like the tobacco companies that spent decades in denial that smoking causes cancer, oil and coal companies are determined to sow denial and confusion about the science of climate change, ignore its impacts, and create apathy among our leaders

Al Gore is very informed about the tobacco industry, he should be,  he and his family were involved in the tobacco industry for many years: Read the rest of this entry

Goregasm – The Guardian Breaks It’s Silence

Guardian: I logged to climatereality and, I have to say, my heart immediately sank

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality Goregasm has largely been ignored by the main stream media in the UK, US, Australia and Germany where none of the usual suspects for pushing warming alarmist propaganda have sprung to support Gore.

Checking @climatereality timeline on Twitter shows it full of spam bot tweets from the people who have allowed Gore to Tweet from their accounts, apart from the bot Tweets they are very few real people Tweeting. The top Tweet, by Greenpeace has been retweeted just 66 times.

The Guardian have been unusually quiet on the Climate Messiah’s “reality“: Read the rest of this entry

Goregasm – Al Gore’s Rant

Al Gore’s recent bovine fecal matter rant set to music by the guys that produced the Hide The Decline video.

Hat Tip Minnesotans For Global Warming

Goregasm – Attack Of The Giant Red Crabs

Attack of the giant red crabs spells doom for our planet

24 time zones, 24 hours of multiple Goregasms coupled with COP17 in just 10 weeks so expect some increasingly silly Climate of Fear stories.

The most recent bizarre story was alien invasion because of our increasing CO2 emissions, now the planet is doomed because Paralithodes camtschaticus are moving south towards the edge of the Antarctic shelf.

The giant red crabs are allegedly “creepy” and are colonising the ocean floor in a scary alien fashion: Read the rest of this entry