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Polarbeargate – It’s Lie Detector Time

Polarbeargate just another childs fear tale from the Church of Climatology

The first decade of the 21st Century was a heady time for climate scientists the new false prophets of the left leaning liberals, who took Anthropogenic Global Warming to their hearts, it was all Homo sapiens fault, which dovetailed nicely with the global liberal belief in original guilt, which is much like the christian concept of original sin.

There is always something to apologise for or feel guilty about.

As the science became not only settled, but also politically correct, so the amount of money on offer to support the man made Climate Change theory increased, all political systems need a bogeyman, the USSR bogeyman had finally come apart as Marxism ultimately does not work, so a new something to be feared was needed, enter the CO2 Wolf. Read the rest of this entry

Occupy London, The Big Bang And Death By CO2

A new cause celebre for armchair Liberals and Marxists

Occupy London is cleaning up the big bang’s mess trumpets The Guardian in what has to be one of the weakest ever stories to try and tie in Global Warming and the CO2 Wolf, with the marxist sheep currently squatting in St Paul’s.

Al Gore recently aligned himself with the Occupy Wall Street mob, as their anti-capitalist agenda meshes nicely with Al Gore’s brand of Green Marxism, and lets face it, Al is a bit short of friends and credibility these days, even in the Church of Climatology which he helped found.

So it is only natural the lower order acolytes of Climate Religion will attempt to emulate their pontiff and spread the gospel: Read the rest of this entry

The WWF Plan To Make Energy Unaffordable In Britain By 2030

or how Britain can sit and freeze in the dark

The WWF have taken time out from controlling the UN IPCC by the back door to produce a politically correct religious tome about how Britain could get 90% of its energy needs from renewables by 2030, without, the need for either coal fired or nuclear power stations.

This is the silly season for warming alarmists as they prepare to commit terrible sins against the Environment by flying to Durban for COP17, so it is no real wonder that this load of  recycled Greenwash is being pushed hard.

The report is more of the same lies about the affordability and the benefits of renewables to the economy,  all underlined with the oxymoron of Green jobs: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Feels The Pressure Of Shale Gas

Nothing can interfere with our Carbon Emissions Targets

When the news of the shale gas find near Blackpool broke, the usual suspects of Chris Huhne, Caroline Lucas and the unelected NGO’s were in uproar that a viable, affordable source of energy had been found to rival the approved Green and heavily subsidised renewables that are a corner stone of Climate Religion.

Huhne’s immediate response to the mention of shale gas was to recommend that people see Gasland, a warming alarmist tissue of lies masquerading as a serious unbiased documentary about fracking in the USA.

Just 3 weeks ago Huhne was saying that shale gas exploration would be halted if there were any danger of his sacred Green emissions targets being in danger:

The UK’s “dash for gas” will be halted by the government because if unchecked it would break legally binding targets for carbon dioxide emissions, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening. “We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

The Greenest Government ever has developed an interesting tactic with the increasing number of climb-downs on Climate Religion policy, there is a lot of noise about being devoutly Green and then very quietly the policy is abandoned or put on ice: Read the rest of this entry

The Collapse Of The Cult Of Man Made Global Warming

The Millerites believed in the second coming of Jesus Christ on 22 October 1844

History is littered with examples of cults who believed, while in the throes of religious fervour that a specific cataclysmic event was about to happen, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the religious belief made people think there were bullet proof and environmental Armageddon caused by an inert trace essential for plant life on earth.

The Millerites in October 1844 experienced, what became known as the Great Disappointment, when having disposed of all their earthly possessions, they gathered on hills outside New York to await the second coming,

One of the major problems for doomsayers is what happens when you cry wolf repetitively and the CO2 wolf does not appear, the shrill cries of fear fall of deaf ears as yet another prediction from settled science fails to happen.

Science is never settled, anyone who believes in the concept of settled science is either a religious nutcase, or is so intent on pushing a political agenda, that they have abandoned the concept of rational thought, Chris Huhne is a prime example of the latter. Read the rest of this entry

Guardian Greenometer Verdict On The Greenest Government Ever

The Guardian does not think that Camerhuhne is the Greenest Government ever

The Greenest Government ever is not that Green according to warming alarmist Daman Carrington at the Guardian, and the villain of the peace is once again Chancellor of The Exchequer, George Osborne.

George Osborne’s statement that Britain will not go it alone committing economic and energy security suicide has caused righteous indignation amongst the Greens, Environmentalists and unelected NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE, whose dream of pre Agricultural Revolution Britain is fading faster each day as  the economic reality check of no money bites hard.

The reality bites hard for all people living in the real world, if however you are Green Environmentalist, then nothing can stand in the way of the Green agenda otherwise an NGO like Greenpeace might become outraged and that would be terrible, to ignore an unelected minority group with a political agenda carefully  wrapped in junk science. Read the rest of this entry

Is Chris Huhne Telling The Truth About The Real Cost Of Green Subsidies

The real costs of Huhne's Green agenda for wind could be much higher than Huhne claims

There are some questions to be answered about Chris Huhne’s explanation that ever rising prices for gas and electricity are mainly caused by fossil fuel costs, with only a tiny fraction of the increases supporting the massive susbidies taxes on everyone’s energy bills.

Wholesale energy prices peaked in 2008, and then fell back at the end of 2009, retail energy prices however after a slight fall stayed well above the 2008 peak, there were modest increases in wholesale price, last year and this year, but wholesale prices today, are well below the 2008 peak.

Fossil fuel prices have fallen, yet Huhne maintains that ever rising fossil fuel prices are the cause of all time high energy bills: Read the rest of this entry

Britain’s Last Carbon Capture And Storage Project Is Cancelled

Longannet CCS Project cancelled due to insufficient tax funds available

Britain’s last remaining Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project has been cancelled, because the major players in the project Scottish Power, Shell and the National Grid were concerned about the economic viability of the project without still more Green taxes on energy bills for electricity and gas.

Like all Green and approved Environmental based projects, they simply don’t work in the real world, without massive subsidies taxes on consumers. Read the rest of this entry

Hear This Chris Huhne – 2700 People Will Die This Winter Because Of Fuel Poverty

2700 people mainly the old and poor will die this winter because of fuel poverty

2700 people will die this winter because of fuel poverty, that is more than lose their lives in traffic accidents in an entire year.

In Britain fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% or more of disposable income on gas and electricity, between 2005 – 2010 the cost of keeping warm in winter has doubled and there are now more than 6 million households in energy poverty.

A report on fuel poverty commissioned by the government found that if just 10% of winter deaths were caused by fuel poverty then 2700 people will die: Read the rest of this entry

Barack Obama – 1000 Days Of Failure

In JFK's first 1000 days he started the Space Program, Obama in his first 1000 days cancelled it

Barry Obama has been in power for 1000 days now, 1000 days of incompetence, crony capitalism and abject failure, with Obama’s approval ratings slightly lower than snake shit and the 2012 Presidential Election looming, the brave new world that Obama offered is being compared with the Camelot of JFK.

Now widely regarded as a single term president of less competence than Jimmy Carter, Obama is resorting to the time honoured Socialist tactics of class warfare, the politics of envy and much playing of the racism card.

So bad is Obama’s position that his supporters even setup Attack Watch so that people could inform on those that say derogatory things about “Dear Leader” Obama. Attack Watch was a resounding failure with people reporting their dogs for having anti Obama thoughts, the butt of endless humour and parodies Attack Watch lasted only a few days, before hiding behind the registration form that now appears. Read the rest of this entry