IPCC Lead Author – Al Gore Is Doing A Disservice To Science

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project is a disservice to science

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality Goregasm was not the success Gore had hoped for.

Mocked by Climate Skeptics for the junk science and the linking of everything that has ever happened to man made climate change, and greeted with despair by warming alarmists for exactly the same reasons as the skeptics, Gore claims 8.6 millions hits on the Climate Reality web site, but there are significant doubts due to the inconvenient truth of the real hit rate on the site.

Gore is rapidly becoming an serious embarrassment to the warming alarmist industry

When Al Gore said last week that scientists now have “clear proof that climate change is directly responsible for the extreme and devastating floods, storms and droughts that displaced millions of people this year,” my heart sank. Having suggested the idea of “event attribution” back in 2003, and co-authored a study published earlier this year on the origins of the UK floods in autumn 2000, I suspect I may be one of the scientists being talked about.

Gore is right that it is possible, in principle, to quantify the role of human influence on climate in specific weather events, and that this has to involve probability: how much has human influence “loaded the weather dice” to make a particular event more likely? Such questions can be answered, and because the impacts of climate change are overwhelmingly felt through changing risks of extreme weather, the answers matter. People deserve to know how much climate change is affecting them, and not be fobbed off with banalities like: “this is the kind of event that we might expect to become more frequent.”

That would be banalities like we have to stop a 2 degree C temperature rise, obscene amounts of CO2 emissions, peak oil, just meaningless sound bytes.

But this question can be answered: in principle, using exactly the same models that are used for weather forecasting, not the much-derided low-resolution variants that are used to predict the climate of 2200. And it deserves to be answered properly: the autumn 2000 flood study took us five years and tens of thousands of detailed simulations, all performed using computing capacity kindly donated by the public. We’re hoping to get a bit quicker off the mark in future, but it is frustrating when Gore claims to know the answer before we have even asked the question.

What is even more frustrating Myles Allen, is that the IPCC which is supposed to give objective results allows itself to be infiltrated by the WWF and then publishes the IPCC 2007 Report using the same unfounded scare tactics, Glaciergate, that Gore is criticised for using.

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  1. 25 years of Climate change may be dead but the crimes these CO2 environMENTALists have done will not be forgotten in history for you condemned billions of children to a CO2 death just to get them to turn the lights out more often. You misguided fear mongers wanted to let carbon trading markets, run by corporations, tax our air to make the weather colder. Your irresponsibility and utter selfishness will not be forgotten.
    Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of INSANE attempts at climate CONTROL. REAL planet lovers and progressives were happy the crisis was proven to be a tragic and criminal exaggeration.
    Now we want those responsible for perpetuating this needless CO2 panic brought to justice. We missed getting Bush for HIS false war so call the courthouse;
    U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001
    By Phone: Department of Justice Main Switchboard -202-514-2000
    Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line -202-353-1555
    Teachers, lazy copy and paste news editors, politicians, PR firms and lab coat consultants must be brought to justice.

  2. There is a similar article on WUWT. Well – the thing is if you want to make money out of green/clean energy, then you slander the dirty energy producers. Make people feel guilty
    about keeping warm, and running their cars, etc. Get millions invested in wind mills and solar panels first, and of course carbon permits, and run laughing to the bank.

    Well I use expensive low voltage, mercury ridden, lamps. I turn off some of my electrical
    appliance rather than run on stand buy, I had a rain water 5000 litre tank installed, that the government refunded me but $50 for. It’s connected to a large capacity washing machine and outside loo in the laundry. I don’t use herbicides or insecticides, and believe in nourishing the soil and microbiology in it, not kill it off. My garden is overgrown with trees I must admit my garden has run away from itself and me. I don’t use my ducted oil heating in the house and depend on one electric blanket, and a small two bar electric fire if we have visitors in winter. But over the years I have become more acclimatised and right now, at dusk the inside temp is 16C, hardly cold to me. (It’s a 4 bed, brick and tile, with a separate laundry and toilet, and two living rooms. Plus a combined kitchen cum dining room, and drive through garage, brick under the same roof line). But we use the sun to warm the place in the winter. I have on a few occasions used an electric fan to keep cool. Occasionally only occasionally I put an electric fire on in my bedroom where I watch TV etc., it’s a large room. A small fan heater in the bathroom if required. That’s when it has been overcast and the inside temp has dropped to 9 C and outside minus .10C.

    I emit 1tonne.25 greenhouse gases on a three month electricity bill. That was for the three
    coldest months supposingly? June, July and August.

    I hope Gore and all the lot of them are brought to justice one day, or let them lose their money first, that would be enough justice in a way.

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