The War On Affordable Energy – Chris Huhne’s Green Madness

Nothing will stand in the way of CO2 targets, energy poverty, hypothermia, the death of our senior citizens, nothing I tell you, nothing

This last week has been disastrous for the warming the alarmists in Britain, this is the week that the political consensus on the ManBearPig religion of Al Gore, Chris Huhne and Connie Hedegaard died in Britain.

The never ending energy price rises have been blamed on world fossil fuel prices by Chris Huhne and the renewables energy lobby, the huge tax payer subsidies for renewable energy and the ludicrous feed in tariffs are of course, according to Huhne only adding a small amount to household enerygy bills.

A number of other organisations disagree, including David Cameron’s own advisors and now a survey by a price comparison web site gives the real impact of  Huhne’s Green madness:

Over a quarter of UK households are struggling to deal with energy bills, according to the latest research. 69% say the government has got it wrong on costly green energy policies.

Following this year’s 21% price hike, which added an extra £224 to the annual dual fuel bill, millions of homes across the country are finding it difficult to afford both gas and electricity.

A price comparison website found that 32% of households believe energy is already ‘unaffordable’ in the UK. A further 69% said that the government has not got it right when it comes to affordable energy and ‘going green’.

More and more homes are facing financial turmoil as the cost of living soars. The government plans to invest £200 billion into a new carbon reduction policy which could result in even higher energy bills over the next decade.

The ever increasing cost of energy and keeping warm in cold winters of the post Global Warming World is a worry for a significant number of the population, shale gas will provide cheap affordable energy so Chris Huhne and the EU want to stop the energy revolution before it has even begun.

The epic failure of Huhne’s wind turbines last winter caused Huhne to be accused as the man who will cause Blackout Britain, the chief of the National Grid warned that if Huhne’s Green policies were followed the era of constant electricity supply in Britain would be ending.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch, commented; “This is a wake-up call and the clearest evidence yet that the UK is on the brink of an affordability crisis when it comes to household energy. We are now just £207 or 14% away from hitting an affordability ceiling after which consumers will start rationing their usage as though they are living in the third world.

Huhne has been very quiet during and since, the Conservative Party Conference.

There is a great deal of speculation about ruptures in the coalition government when Huhne gets overruled by George Osborne on Green spending, but in reality Huhne’s room for manoeuvre is limited.

Huhne has few friends in the coalition, certainly not George Osborne or Huhne’s Lib Dem party leader the duplicitous munchkin Nick Clegg, plus Huhne is still waiting to hear if he has a case to answer for perverting the course of justice in the infamous speeding points case.

The big decider is if the Crown Prosecution Service decide Huhne should be charged, in which case Huhne as they say, is toast.

Assuming that the CPS do not charge Huhne then Huhne’s options are to resign and most likely kiss goodbye to his ambition to lead what is left of the Liberal Democrats, or to bite the bullet and live in a world where George Osborne pulls Huhne’s strings and curbs Huhne’s religious zeal for third world Britain.

There has been an orchestrated campaign to bring Huhne down and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Huhne will be charged to remove to him from government, the verdict does not matter Huhne will be finished and that is the best possible outcome for Britain.

Huhne has consistently put his belief in Climate Religion ahead of the best interests of the British people and there is no place for religious zealots like Huhne  in government, now or ever.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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