James Hansen – Climate Skeptics Are Winning Because They Have Better PR

James Hansen NASA scientist arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest

James Hansen credited by some as the father of the bastard child Global Warming has admitted that the warming alarmists have been losing the battle to make everyone terrified of CO2 for several years now.

Never one to miss out on the hysterical sound byte Hansen has made statements such as: “Trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains. Coal fired power plants are factories of death“.

Now Hansen is claiming that the warmists are losing the battle to make people scared because climate realists have better public relations, or so he claims in a briefing to made to the warming alarmist Royal Society in London :

In a briefing at the Royal Society , Dr Hansen, pictured, was frank about the success with public opinion of what he termed “the climate contrarians”, in effectively lessening public concern about global warming. He said: “They have been winning the argument for several years, even though the science has become clearer.

“There’s been a very strong campaign by those who want to continue fossil fuel ‘business as usual’, and the scientific story has not been powerful enough to offset that push.”

Part of the problem, he said, was that the climate sceptic lobby employed communications professionals, whereas “scientists are just barely competent at communicating with the public and don’t have the wherewithal to do it.”

The scientists communicated with the public via the giant publicity machines of the United Nations, governments, world leaders and the main stream media, the so called scientists were very good at communicating their fear stories, the problem for them is that none of the scenarios have come true.

Hansen has made a personal fortune of out of his warming child, since 2006 the greenbacks have rolled in, for the tax year 2010 Hansen received over $1 million dollars from outside income relating to his tax payer funded employment at NASA.

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  1. “climate realists have better public relations”

    Nah……. they just have better facts! 😉

  2. So, the left-leaning MSM carries water for the global warming hysterics, the government panders to them, quangos advance their cause and yet they still lose?

    That’s rather like all those progressives mocking Bush for being dumb, then whinging about how he was beating them in the polls!

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