Global Warming – It Is Time For Science Not Religion

Global Warning: Trust Scientists, Not Shamans

Global Warning: Trust Scientists, Not Shamans” is unbelievably, a headline from a post on the warming alarmist Huffington Press site.

While many of the warming alarmists like James Hansen have rolled out a number of lame excuses for the decline in Climate Religion belief, like the skeptics have better PR, Huff Po are the first to break ranks and tear chunks out of Al Gore, the IPCC and the environmental movement.

Seems it all started to go wrong in the 1990’s when the international left were in meltdown and environmentalism was a handy place for those against capitalism to regroup and begin the fight anew:

The whole cap-and-trade, tax-and-limit movement has collapsed, just four years after the now thoroughly discredited IPCC announced that “most” of the world’s average temperature increase in the last 60 years was “very likely due” to “anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.” The increase in that time is one centigrade degree, and the evidence of the last decade, which is the period when the connection to such emissions has been sought, debunks the notions that there is any increase and that there is any relationship to human-generated carbon emissions.

For a change this is not a skeptic’s blog saying that the IPCC is not fit for purpose, it is a warming alarmist blog.

The charlatans and zealots who promoted or allowed ecology to become the ultimate broad church gathering together everyone from the bird-watchers and butterfly collectors with their binoculars and nets, to the loopy militants chaining themselves to trees and trying to climb the anchor chains of visiting U.S. Navy vessels, should be allowed to subside without a sadistically prolonged stay in the pillory

You really cant argue with that, though it will be interesting to see if the paid up members of Greenpeace, WWF and FoE really want to care for the environment or continue pushing a marxist agenda cunningly disguised as a brave new Green world.

Those once popular pandas must be feeling sorely neglected as they have been  superseded by Climate Religion.

We can all agree that pollution is bad and must be curbed, that environmental vigilance is essential and must be made more scientifically rigorous, and that more abundant energy is desirable to create jobs and generalize prosperity and not just mindless consumption. The exposure of the IPCC excesses cannot be allowed to mask complacency, profligacy, and humbug.

In the aftermath of the gigantic meltdown of the international left in the 1990s, the environmental movement suddenly became the great shelter for all who wished to assault the triumphant West, including the domestic carriers of what Malcolm Muggeridge described prophetically as “The Great Liberal Death Wish.” The pastoral, the faddish, the iconoclasts, all set up a cry like a mad scrum of fox-hunters, cockahoop. As they disperse, we should be on heightened alert against some new reassembly under new and deceptively false colors. The West should drill for oil, convert to natural gas, (including automobiles), and pursue energy efficiency and cleaner air and water in always that are not neurotic or sociopathic.

At last a warming alarmist site that is talking sense, the environmental groups were hijacked by the left and the problem for Environmentalism and Green now, is that they have become  dirty words and probably forever linked to the Watermelon Marxists and their carefully orchestrated CO2 fear story, there is going to have to be some serious re-branding and repositioning.

In true Marxist fashion the Watermelons have already turned on Al Gore as apart from never being wrong, Marxists always have a culture of blame so when something goes wrong a sacrificial lamb is brought to slaughter.

Expect the virtual gutters of the Internet to run red with warming alarmist blood when COP17 crashes and burns, the funeral pyre for Kyoto, the dream dead the purges will commence, Stalin would be so proud of his modern day followers.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. ” The charlatans and zealots . . . . should be allowed to subside without a sadistically prolonged stay in the pillory”

    This may be OK for the passive camp-followers, but personally I would argue that those responsible – both second-rate scientists and politicians – for nearly turning the world’s economies upside down should be pursued relentlessly.

  2. Wow! Wow!! I can’t believe Huff Po would write such blaspheme. I had long ago given up even reading one word from that Marxist rag, to think that they would turn around like that suggests to me there is some change in editorial policy at Ol’ Huffy Puffy.

    I wonder how Huff has been doing lately financially? Usually this kind of rash behavior has some connection to the uncomfortable subject of falling revenues, also known as ‘reality’ in some circles.

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