Barack Obama – 1000 Days Of Failure

In JFK's first 1000 days he started the Space Program, Obama in his first 1000 days cancelled it

Barry Obama has been in power for 1000 days now, 1000 days of incompetence, crony capitalism and abject failure, with Obama’s approval ratings slightly lower than snake shit and the 2012 Presidential Election looming, the brave new world that Obama offered is being compared with the Camelot of JFK.

Now widely regarded as a single term president of less competence than Jimmy Carter, Obama is resorting to the time honoured Socialist tactics of class warfare, the politics of envy and much playing of the racism card.

So bad is Obama’s position that his supporters even setup Attack Watch so that people could inform on those that say derogatory things about “Dear Leader” Obama. Attack Watch was a resounding failure with people reporting their dogs for having anti Obama thoughts, the butt of endless humour and parodies Attack Watch lasted only a few days, before hiding behind the registration form that now appears.

John F. Kennedy’s first thousand days in office included continuing and expanding the nation’s space program. Obama has, in effect, shut it down. The Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba was sobering and the expansion of U.S. participation in Vietnam’s civil war became a national tragedy, but Kennedy’s assassination, his martyrdom, as well as the myth of Camelot that included his beautiful wife, Jackie, lives on.

By contrast, Obama’s first thousand days, a marker in time he recently passed, has been one long series of astonishingly bad judgments that have his polling numbers heading south. There is a widespread and persistent view that he has taken America in the wrong direction.

Under Obama the US  National Debt has tripled, unemployment is rising and industry is constantly crippled by regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which Obama is using to implement Climate Religion policies by the backdoor.

In addition to the many “czars” Obama appointed to oversee public policy—many of whom not vetted by Congress—his cabinet appointees have proven to be ideologues more interested in advancing the global warming hoax and restrictions on America’s access to its vast energy reserves than facilitating a greater degree of energy independence and job creation.

The Environmental Protection Agency has literally gone rogue, requiring Congress to constantly pass legislation to restrain it from further damage to the economy.

Obama’s greatest contribution to life in America has been to make Americans so jaded that they no longer even ask if he was or is eligible to be President. He has boldly hidden virtually all of the paper trail of his life from public examination and the “birth certificates” he has offered have been, according to experts, forgeries.

The only question that remains will Barack Hussein Obama be more difficult to get out of the White House than that other failed and disastrous Socialist Leader Gordon Brown was to eject from 10 Downing Street?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. You can’t think of a president who has damaged the US as much?

    Do the words George W. Bush mean nothing to you? No because he’s white.

    Aside from the blantant racism of the right John McCain would suffer the same faith as Obama.

    Let’s be honest and fair, whoever took over after Bush was doomed to suffer the same problems. All theses foreign wars haemorrhaged money the US couldn’t afford. Stiglitz estimated that iraq cost 3 trillion at least. Combine that with the costs of maintaining all the disabled soldiers for the rest of their life’s, the Afghanistan war, all the contracts awarded to defence contractors / money just stolen (6.6 Billion was stolen in one go!), and You can soon see that the issues in the US are bigger than the president or any party.

    Combine that legacy with the Banker’s Crisis and you shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome

    The US issues are tied up due to their economic decline (due to excessive spending, the presence of extremism (political and religious), combined with their system of lobbying by companies that ensures spending almost always only goes up. The tidal wave that has been built up over the years was never going to be reversed by one man.

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