Britain – The Real Cost Of Cameron And Huhne’s Green Policies

Leaked EU report - electricity price rises for next 20 years because of renewables

Yesterday Cameron and Huhne stage managed a summit with the big 6 energy companies as the fall guys for the recent massive increases in the costs of gas and electricity, the increased costs were of course nothing to do with the Green taxes and other carbon taxing lunacy.

Huhne took time off from telling consumers they were lazy in not switching tariffs to say that the cost of Green policies to families was only £20 a year, when most estimates from a range of sources put the real cost at £100 a year minimum.

Business have warned the government of the costs of Green policies again, and again, with the exception of Chancellor George Osborne these pleas from business have fallen on deaf ears.

The future for energy costs and the financial outlook for Britain is grim, and the more wind farms there are the worse it will get:

European businesses and consumers face at least 20 years of electricity price rises, according to a leaked European Commission report on how the region can meet its green energy targets. It also forecasts a huge growth in the number of wind farms, which would push up prices even higher.

In an assessment that examines a range of ways in which fossil fuels such as coal can be replaced with cleaner sources of energy, the 112-page report says all scenarios point to wind farms becoming the biggest source of electricity in the bloc by 2050, outstripping both coal and nuclear power.

Wind farms could provide as much as 49 per cent of EU electricity by that date, the report suggests, up from just 5 per cent today.

Average electricity prices for households and businesses would rise “strongly up to 2020-2030” under all scenarios, the document says, and the highest prices would occur after 2030 if renewable sources of power, such as wind and solar, make up a large share of energy production

The truth about cheap renewable power is out, just another Green Environmentalist lie, 20 years of price rises energy poverty and business relocating outside of the EU.

George Osborne is preparing to offer tax breaks to firms hit by Britain’s ‘absurd’ climate change policies after being warned they threaten to drive business abroad. In a major U-turn, the Chancellor will try to help companies that use large amounts of energy.

His move comes amid growing concern that companies and households are being hit heavily by Britain’s commitment to cut carbon emissions faster than other countries.

Yesterday one of the world’s leading industrialists said manufacturing was being ‘ruinously penalised’ by green taxes and said the levies could put his firm’s £1.2billion investment programme in this country at risk.

Karl-Ulrich Kohler, head of Tata Steel Europe – which employs 20,000 staff in Britain – told the Daily Mail: ‘Why the UK government wants to go further and be the leader in Europe in this field is difficult for me to understand.

It’s a race for the leadership that is simply over the top.

‘The UK is one of the weaker industrial players in Europe. Why are we trying to be a leader on the green front when the economy is in such a hard place?’

He added: ‘If the UK becomes less attractive due to regulation and tax, then there are other places in the world to invest. The Government must see that.’

Mr Osborne’s plans are sure to set him on collision course with his Liberal Democrat coalition colleagues.

Most reasonable people can see the sense of that, however as we have come to know all to well, sense and Climate Religion never go hand in hand.

Ministers’ obsession with green taxes is driving up energy bills, bringing financial pain to millions of families, it was claimed last night.

Business groups demanded cuts in fuel prices be given a higher priority than meeting EU targets to reduce carbon emissions.

But the Government energy summit yesterday offered no hope that struggling families and businesses will be offered lower energy bills this winter.

Both Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and British Gas managing director Phil Bentley admitted that price rises were here to stay.

The ‘big six’ energy giants have increased tariffs by 15 per cent-plus in recent weeks, raising the average annual dual fuel bill by around £175 to £1,345.

This figure is inflated by around £100 to cover a raft of green taxes and associated charges, which are set to soar in the next decade. Mr Huhne is the chief cheerleader for the charges, which are being used to fund a £200billion shift to wind, wave, solar and nuclear power.

The future is far from bright with 20 years of energy price rises, industry relocating to other countries, a stagnating economy and nothing but the moral superiority of being the first lemmings over the economic cliff to feed us and keep us warm in the increasingly cold winters.

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  1. Here is an excellent productive Green effort:

    The Energy Act has become law setting in stone the legal framework for the Green Deal, which will be launched in Autumn next year.

    The Green Deal will revolutionise the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes and businesses. It will help people insulate against rising energy prices, creating homes which are warmer and cheaper to run.

    DECC’s new “Housing Energy Fact File”, published today, highlights that more than half of homes in Great Britain don’t have sufficient insulation.

  2. This is Ontario, Canada’s experience with record wind energy production for last Saturday (a breezy day!) “So yesterday we paid the wind turbine operators $4,229,280 ($135 per MWh) to produce their record 31,328 MWh and exported it at an average price of $21 per MWh generating about $650,000 in revenue for a net cost of approximately $3.6 million. We also paid Bruce $931,000 ($65 per MWH) for steaming off (using your comparative drop from same day last year) the 14,325 MWh of nuclear so the net cost to produce the 31,328 MWh from wind fully costed was $4.5 million or $143 per MWh for power we didn’t even use!”

    On top of that, here’s an article on a study that the government was lowballing renewable costs “Certain costs weren’t included in the government’s estimates, such as inflation, transmitting electricity to the provincial grid from wind and solar facilities and backup generation for potential disruptions, the study found.”–cost-of-green-energy-40-higher-than-government-estimates

    UK-Ontario-California the turniphead trilogy.

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