Britain’s Last Carbon Capture And Storage Project Is Cancelled

Longannet CCS Project cancelled due to insufficient tax funds available

Britain’s last remaining Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project has been cancelled, because the major players in the project Scottish Power, Shell and the National Grid were concerned about the economic viability of the project without still more Green taxes on energy bills for electricity and gas.

Like all Green and approved Environmental based projects, they simply don’t work in the real world, without massive subsidies taxes on consumers.

The Longannet project would have brought the UK to the forefront on tackling greenhouse gas emissions from coal combustion plants, said Keith Allott, head of climate change at WWF-UK. “Because Longannet is an existing station, it was a good choice to get CCS fitted quickly and to avoid the emission risks involved in building a new coal power plant,” he added.

He went on: “Given the troubles facing the nuclear industry, and the delays to the CCS programme, the only rational response is for the government to redouble efforts on energy efficiency and clean renewable energy. This is the sure-fire way of keeping the lights on, avoiding costly gas dependency and meeting our carbon reduction targets.”

On Thursday, the government is expected to announce details of its review of the renewables obligation, the subsidy mechanism for green power. The review will decide the level of support for key renewable technologies including offshore and onshore wind energy, biomass generation and wave and tidal power. Carbon capture and storage is not included.

The review is likely to result in a settlement less generous than companies had hoped for – the government has been concerned by headlines complaining of high energy prices. Renewables subsidies do not come from central taxation but as an addition to consumer energy bills.

The wonderfully euphemistic renewables subsidies do not come from central taxation, too right they don’t, they are paid out of already taxed income, these subsidies are just a Green tax by another name.

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  1. I can’t believe you’ve missed the classic Huhne-Huhne The Eco-loon Quote “”If there was a completely unlimited resource then we may have been able to surmount the technical problems at Longannet,” Mr Huhne said.”

    Or, of course, we may not.

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