Hear This Chris Huhne – 2700 People Will Die This Winter Because Of Fuel Poverty

2700 people mainly the old and poor will die this winter because of fuel poverty

2700 people will die this winter because of fuel poverty, that is more than lose their lives in traffic accidents in an entire year.

In Britain fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% or more of disposable income on gas and electricity, between 2005 – 2010 the cost of keeping warm in winter has doubled and there are now more than 6 million households in energy poverty.

A report on fuel poverty commissioned by the government found that if just 10% of winter deaths were caused by fuel poverty then 2700 people will die:

Commissioned by the government, the Hills Fuel Poverty Review found that if just 10% of UK winter deaths are caused by fuel poverty – a conservative estimate it claims – 2,700 people will perish as a direct result of being fuel poor.

The report also found that between 2004 and 2009 the “fuel poverty gap” (the extra amount those with badly insulated homes and poor heating systems would need to spend to keep warm) increased by 50% to £1.1bn as a result of rising fuel prices.

Huhne says his Green madness only adds £20 per bill, more reasoned estimates put the real cost of the Green and Environmental taxes at between £100 – £300 per year, made all the worse by the reduction of the winter fuel allowance from £20 – £8.50.

Derek Lickorish, chair of the government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, welcomed the report, and said it should “set an alarm bell ringing very loudly for government, Ofgem, suppliers and society as a whole”.

“This disgrace is further compounded with the conclusion that households in or near the margins of poverty were faced with additional costs of some £1.1bn at 2009 price levels to keep warm compared to more affluent households. That figure will be even more after the recent round of energy price increases.

“Urgent action must start today to mitigate the impact of high energy bills, including reviewing the way in which costs are recovered through energy bills to decarbonise our energy.

Chris Huhne has already said nothing will stand in the way of his sacred CO2 emissions targets, the death of 2700 people because of Green Environmental madness will doubtless be viewed as a double whammy by the warming alarmists who wish to reduce the population of the planet as a whole, and carbon emissions as well.

Meanwhile millionaire Huhne has nothing to fear from the cost of his Green madness, he and the rich Liberal elite who push the climate change scam can afford massive increases in their energy costs without even noticing it.

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