Guardian Greenometer Verdict On The Greenest Government Ever

The Guardian does not think that Camerhuhne is the Greenest Government ever

The Greenest Government ever is not that Green according to warming alarmist Daman Carrington at the Guardian, and the villain of the peace is once again Chancellor of The Exchequer, George Osborne.

George Osborne’s statement that Britain will not go it alone committing economic and energy security suicide has caused righteous indignation amongst the Greens, Environmentalists and unelected NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE, whose dream of pre Agricultural Revolution Britain is fading faster each day as  the economic reality check of no money bites hard.

The reality bites hard for all people living in the real world, if however you are Green Environmentalist, then nothing can stand in the way of the Green agenda otherwise an NGO like Greenpeace might become outraged and that would be terrible, to ignore an unelected minority group with a political agenda carefully  wrapped in junk science.

So who is our Goldfinger of the day? George Osborne, of course, whose free market ideology means he cannot comprehend that green regulations create growth far more often than preventing it. This is why the government yesterday slashed between £400m and £1.3bn from the subsidies directed at creating a sustainable and clean energy supply for the UK and ultimately reducing energy bills.

That would be the subsidies added to energy bills that keep the cost of energy artificially high, despite falling wholesale prices for fossil fuels, since the peak price in 2008.

It also follows the collapse of the only carbon and capture storage project bidding for £1bn of government money, which I predicted earlier this month. The dithering of the previous Labour government was also at fault for this terrible mess, but 18 months it is too late for the coalition to try to shift the blame for failing to secure a foothold in a technology that the UK should excel in and will have a global market.

Another badly conceived idea that would have required still more increases in energy bills for industry and households, the Longannet Carbon Capture and Storage needed still more Green subsidies taxes to make it economically viable.

Last of the recent events hacking away at the government’s green credentials are the bail-outs promised to some of the UK’s most polluting industries. There is an argument to be made for sheltering some businesses form unintended consequences but does does the UK’s economic future really lie in competing with China and the like in the making of steel and cement? Some of the special pleading from these groups has frankly been sickening, given that they have profited to the tune of billions of Euros from the EU emissions trading scheme, while still sacking workers in the UK.

It was predicted that companies and individuals would exploit the deeply flawed EU emissions trading scheme, and that, companies would relocate to more business friendly countries, rather than have their competitiveness hobbled by Climate Religion legislation.

Britain needs a manufacturing base and to compare steel making with China is a fatuous argument, as Carrington conveniently forgets to mention that China already dominates the manufacture of wind turbines and solar panels, so if Britain cannot compete with steel manufacture, then it also cannot compete with Green infrastructure manufacture either.

The industries that Carrington wants penalised for his Green Utopia are the industries that provide jobs and pay taxes in Britain, the so called Green jobs and industries are just another Green mirage, there has been no Green jobs revolution anywhere in the world.

The mindset of these people is unreal, 6 million households in energy poverty,  and all the Damian Carrington’s of this world can do is whine that the Government is not doing more to keep energy bills increasing with more Green taxes.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The best thing that could happen for the economy is if the black plague spreds through all the environmentalist colonies.

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