Occupy London, The Big Bang And Death By CO2

A new cause celebre for armchair Liberals and Marxists

Occupy London is cleaning up the big bang’s mess trumpets The Guardian in what has to be one of the weakest ever stories to try and tie in Global Warming and the CO2 Wolf, with the marxist sheep currently squatting in St Paul’s.

Al Gore recently aligned himself with the Occupy Wall Street mob, as their anti-capitalist agenda meshes nicely with Al Gore’s brand of Green Marxism, and lets face it, Al is a bit short of friends and credibility these days, even in the Church of Climatology which he helped found.

So it is only natural the lower order acolytes of Climate Religion will attempt to emulate their pontiff and spread the gospel:

Twenty five years on from the “big bang” in the City of London we can survey how the period of great deference to finance reshaped our landscape. Consequences are everywhere in the results of an economic scorched earth policy, still unfolding in business failures, instability, unemployment, loss of public services and recession.

That would be the scorched earth financial policies of Gordon Brown, remind Aardvark again who the Guardian supported so enthusiastically from 1997 – 2009, oh yeah, that’s right, the Labour Party.

But as well as the way in which untethered finance fuelled expansion and divergence in the global economy, it equally re-engineered society and the environment. Alongside the financial explosion have been others in debt-driven over-consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and inequality. New Scientist magazine last week reported that “our current emissions trajectory is close to the worst case scenario of the intergovernmental panel on climate change”.

Unbelievable that anyone would take the fictional work known as the IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report seriously, anymore. The IPCC has been continually compromised by junk science, peer review failures and WWF researchers masquerading as climate scientists.

The UN IPCC has performed such a disservice to science that now 69% of US adults believe that the scientists made up the data, in June 2011 the IPCC were caught out again with their SRREN report, which was actually just Greenpeace propaganda.

The US has cut funding to the IPCC, so bad has the reputation of the IPCC become, that it’s UN paymasters were forced to review the errors made by the IPCC in the Fourth Assessment Report, the same errors and suspect procedures that are already discrediting the forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report.

Twenty five years ago the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 347 parts per million (ppm); today it is 389ppm. The level in 1986 just happens to have been almost exactly the safe concentration that Nasa climate scientist, James Hansen, argues we need to return to. At the moment, however, we are heading towards 1000ppm, or higher, by the end of the century. That’s a level generally considered so bad from a human point of view, it is beyond apocalyptic, if such a state is imaginable.

The actual concentration of CO2 currently in the atmosphere is 391.7 ppm, the concentration has risen just 44 ppm in 25 years or 1.76 ppm per year, there are approximately 90 years left of this century and to achieve the doomsday target of 1000 ppm, atmospheric CO2 would have to continually rise at 6.76 ppm every year, for the next 90 years.

With China and India already on stream as major industrial players it is difficult to see how a 600% increase in CO2 emissions could happen in the next year and then continue at that level for the next  90 years, when nothing like that has occurred in the past 25 years.

James Hansen long ago ran out credibility on both sides of the Climate Change argument, you can only get caught out making up climate data for so long.

Beyond apocalyptic“, a curious statement given that apocalyptic is generally viewed as pretty terminal, like overkill a totally pointless statement, unless beyond apocalyptic is what will happen to the warming alarmists when finally they summon the CO2 Wolf, and one pissed off lupus turns up and exacts a terrible revenge on the warmists who have called his name in vain so many times.

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