Panorama – Is There A Climate Of Change At The BBC

Off shore wind even the BBC now acknowledge the huge cost of subsidies

There is a phrase appearing more and more frequently in papers and blogs: In the post man made global warming world, encouraging but as with all things it needs to be taken with a dose of cautious realism.

Last nights BBC1 Panorama program on rising energy costs was nothing like the usual fare of Church of Climatology propaganda broadcast relentlessly by the BBC, naturally there was no mention of the potential shale gas revolution for Britain, but equally there was no mention of Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever natural climate change is called by warming alarmists these days.

When the BBC make a program that upsets the warming alarmists then just possibly we are about to enter the world of post man made global warming

Panorama has caused great upset and  leading the charge is the  Guardian warming alarmist  Damian Carrington.

Chris Huhne, energy and climate secretary, tried valiantly to explain how the coalition government’s policies would keep bills lower, compared to doing nothing. But he was hopelessly outgunned by gas-fanatic Dieter Helm, free-marketeer Simon Less and more.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll summarise the programme’s other main failings, before ending on the one good thing.

• Banging on about renewables, new nuclear and the cost of grid upgrades is fine if you are debating the future of energy bills. But, compared to wholesale price rises, these have almost nothing to do with the rises already seen. And all but ignoring energy efficiency measures – no mention at all of the Green deal – was just risible.

• Why energy bills are rising cannot be understood without realising how the last 20 years of ultra-liberalised energy markets in the UK led to woeful underinvestment in new plants. We are paying the price for that now.

• Global warming is the reason we must cut carbon emissions. Unless I missed it, neither ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ were not mentioned once.

• A total absence of green NGO voices was shocking. My Guardian colleague George Monbiot did appear, to make his eloquent argument for new nuclear power. But no major environment group agrees with him. These groups think hard and deep on the energy issue and should have had their say.

• When considering predictions of 2020 energy prices, the programme said the government was on its own in saying costs were likely to be similar to now. As evidence of this, it cited higher estimates from Citigroup, which was fair enough, and the insane Uswitch estimate, which was not fair. Furthermore, the independent Committee on Climate Change, whose job it is to set out the most secure, least cost path to a low carbon future, agrees with the government’s approach.

Huhne did the usual spin of the £20 cost of renewables on the average domestic electricity bill, a figure believed only by  Huhne and Carrington.

The BBC should be congratulated for not engaging with those unelected purveyors of junk science, the NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE, these are all funded minority groups with a political agenda, who for too long like the Trade Unions of old have exercised undue pressure on Government ministers like Ed Miliband and Chris Huhne.

What is even more amusing is the way the warming alarmists are now turning on each other with Carrington saying in polite eco speak that Monbiot is a heretic for supporting nuclear as the only way to get rid of those hated fossil fuels.

In another post Carrington was harping on about the increased amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere and temperatures rising, the problem is CO2 levels keep rising and global temperatures stay static, despite atmospheric concentrations of CO2 being much higher than the so called safe limit of 350 ppm.

You can watch the program here

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I watched this with a fair degree of disbelief and anger. Hopefully the programme will have done it’s job in making more and more people aware of the deceptions going on up high

  2. Truth at the BBC! Good grief, whatever next? An end to all propaganda for lefty causes. The mind boggles.

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