The Medieval Warming Period Was Much Warmer Than It Is Today

New EU Research: Medieval Unprecedented Warming Period temps robustly higher - by 1.2 degrees

A new EU study of global warming between 900 AD and 2002 shows beyond doubt that despite lower levels of atmospheric CO2 global temperatures were significantly higher than they are today.

This is yet another study that shows junk scientist Michael E Mann and his “hockey stick” are wrong.

The myth of the hockey stick lives on despite the IPCC subsequently distancing themselves from Mann and his ability to hide the decline.

With the advancement of paleo-climate science in recent years, the empirical evidence clearly indicates that Penn State’s Michael Mann ‘hockey stick’ temperature graph to be without merit. The hockey-stick scenario was so discredited that even the IPCC eliminated it from their 2007 report.

Yet the hockey-stick myth continues to survive as a green legend despite the mounting empirical evidence that the Medieval Global Warming remains unprecedented.

Portuguese Medieval Warming SSTIndeed, as the adjacent chart indicates, the Medieval Warming was significantly higher than the current warming.

Abrantes et al. just published research revealing the persistent high Medieval temperatures of coastal waters off the Portugal coast. Their analysis (from 900 AD to year 2002) is based on a sediment core from the Atlantic Ocean seabed.

As can be seen, levels of atmospheric CO2 have had little, if any, impact on sea surface temperatures. And this specific research clearly indicates that as CO2 levels rose, the SSTs declined – opposite of IPCC’s climate model predictions.

The evidence continues to pile up that there is no connection between levels of atmospheric CO2 and temperatures, the interesting question is how long can Mann, who has now just about exhausted all legal avenues to avoid releasing his tax payer funded data into the public domain, escape a proper investigation in to his so called scientific methods, not the whitewash that Penn State conducted.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. With respect Tory. Your the one who appears to be hiding the decline.
    1. This was a study of a single location in Porto, Portugal. NOT A GLOBAL AVERAGE. As you attempted to claim.
    2. What about all the other temperature proxies? You ignored 90% of them that didn’t fit you view while dismissing Mann for decreasing the importance of the one that didn’t fit the 90%.
    3. The IPCC probally removed reference to the hockey stick graph because there are many other versions now and also to silence people like you who dismis it out of hand.
    4. There are 20+ other things that affect climate besides Co2. You keep saying that it’s not Co2 while at the same time ignoring all other factors. Your the only person who thinks Co2 should have caused the midevil warming.

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