COP17 – Occupy Durban Or Give Us Your Money

Iconic warming alarmist photograph from COP15 to draw attention to the alleged fact that the Maldives were at real risk from rising sea levels

One of the major driving forces behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam is wealth redistribution and who controls the gathering and distribution of that wealth.

Up for grabs, assuming the UN can find any country or business to put money into it, is the US $100 billion Climate Fund to mitigate the non existent impact of man made climate change; no one is falling over themselves to contribute dollar one but already there is deadlock over who would control this fund. Developing nations for some reason want  the worlds most corrupt organisation, the UN to control the fund, other nations the World Bank.

Now the developing nations are standing with their hands out for our money:

Diplomats from some developing countries may “occupy” the UN climate negotiations that begin on Monday in Durban by staging sit-ins and boycotts over the lack of urgency in the talks.

The move follows a call by the former president of Costa Rica for vulnerable countries to refuse to leave the talks until “substantial” progress has been made.

“I have called on all vulnerable countries to ‘occupy’ Durban. We need an expression of solidarity by the delegations of those countries that are most affected by climate change, who go from one meeting to the next without getting responses on the issues that need to be dealt with,” said José María Figueres.

“We went to Copenhagen [in 2009] with the illusion we could reach an equitable agreement.

Politicians like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama seeing their chance for the wealth redistribution agenda, eargerly promised the third world loads of money to assuage the guilt that the developed nations should have, for being developed.

Then Climategate broke and heavy snow falls caused Barack Obama to leave Copenhagen early and that was it for the Church of Climatology, the downward spiral has continued ever since.

Frustrations mounted last month when, after months of tense negotiations, developing countries appeared to have succeeded in their demand for access to a multi-billion dollar Green Fund to help them adapt to climate change. But at the last minute the US and Saudi Arabia withdrew their support.

Resentment was further stoked this week when the Guardian revealed that rich countries had decided to shelve plans for a global agreement on climate change within the next few years, instead pushing for an agreement by the end of 2015 or 2016, and not coming into effect until 2020 despite scientists saying that this risked catastrophic climate change.

The now popular phrase from the Watermelon Marxists to refer to the developed world, as the Rich Nations, who are being forced by financial circumstance and increasing public hostility to the carefully manufactured bogeyman of man made climate change, to respond this time to a very real threat that the public is rightly scared of, financial meltdown.

Giving money away is just not on the agenda of any politician with an eye on a long term career.

The Alliance of Small Island States, which represents some of the countries most at risk from global warming, called any moves to delay a new treaty “reckless and irresponsible”.

“Reckless and irresponsible” is literally priceless from countries that are cynical, calculating and grabbing for handouts, countries like the Maldives holding a cabinet meeting underwater as their country was supposedly going to be swallowed up by the sea within 10 years.

According to the Maldives Government their islands would be gone by 2019 which leads to the question why during all this  time were the Maldives Government in negotiations with the Hong Kong based architectural company, Integrated Design Associates (IDA) to have the new Male airport completed by 2014 and then have GMR and Malaysia Airports Holdings manage and expand the airport for the next 25 years?


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  1. Good article from WUWT.

    The EU and USA are broke, and its all because of the billions they have invested in stupid schemes that have resulted in no change in the climate or any reduction in carbon emissions. With Holland now removing subsidies for solar and wind turbines, I reckon this will see the end of any renewal of the Kyoto agreement.

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