The Chris Huhne Promise Your Energy Bills Will Rise Every Year To 2020

Households currently pay £89 a year on their bills for the green energy drive, but this will increase every year to reach £280 by 2020, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change

Chris Huhne’s bizarre fantasy claims lies that household energy bills would fall by £94 or 7% by 2020 because of the governments Green policies are not true as government ministers have now admitted.

The true figure is £280 a year worse off as a direct result of the Greening of Britain’s power supply network so the Greenest Government Ever can meet the CO2 emissions targets to stop the planet from warming from the effects of a gas that historically has never caused global warming before.

Chris Huhne, Greens and Environmentalists, heavily subsidised Renewables, the great Global Warming Scam and lies I mean who would have thought it?

Households currently pay £89 a year on their bills for the green energy drive, but this will increase every year to reach £280 by 2020, according to the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The ‘taxes’ will provide almost £8billion a year towards the £200billion cost of vast wind farms, nuclear power stations, a new pylon network, and to put up solar panels.

But in a bizarre statement, energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne told the House of Commons that his policies mean consumers will actually be better off.

He said: ‘By 2020, we expect household bills to be 7 per cent – or £94 – lower than they would otherwise be without our policies.

‘Britain’s homes will be cheaper to heat and light than if we did nothing.’

His claim is based on a controversial assumption that families will make vast reductions in their electricity and gas bills by 2020 – wiping out the £280 in green taxes. It also assumes there will be a large uptake of government-backed schemes for insulation projects.

This is not political spin as some would have us all believe it is nothing more than lying while Huhne obsessively pushes his personal agenda for  all things Climate Religion.

The details were revealed in the small print in DECC documents.

The current average annual energy bill is around £1,200. DECC said the figure would be £1,379 by 2020 without any government measures to drive a switch to green and nuclear power.

It claimed the figure would be £1,285 based on the impact of its green taxes and associated policies to cut household energy use and curb wholesale prices.

However, a DECC source admitted this lower figure would be possible only if households slashed electricity use by a third (from 4.5 to 3 megawatt hours a year) and gas by 6 per cent.

Huhne knew exactly what was in the “small print” of his departments document yet he chose to lie to Parliament and the public about the true cost.

The Green Energy deal that Huhne’s political spin was relying on has not been well received:

However, consumer watchdog Which? is warning consumers to be aware that the Green Deal is not an energy efficiency grant. The finance comes in the form of a loan and anyone taking up the Green Deal will be expected to pay interest.

Which? also said that, because the DECC’s calculations were based on an average rather than on a household’s particular pattern of energy usage, they were effectively “meaningless”.

“It’s difficult to see how hard-pressed homeowners will have confidence in how the Green Deal might work for them if the suggested savings are initially based on averages rather than on their personal energy use,” said Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?.

The crux of the policy announcement is that the onus is on households to insulate their properties and consume less energy in order save enough money off their bills to compensate for the addition of “green” taxes.

Thomas Lyon, energy expert at independent switching service, said: “The big question is over whether the costs are more certain than the benefits, as the success of many of these policies will rely on consumers changing their behaviour or taking up the new options that will be made available to them.”

Many industry experts say Chris Huhne’s policy to increase bills comes at a time of an energy “affordability crisis”, with many households being pushed into fuel poverty. The energy secretary faces accusations that his policy announcements are made chiefly to further his political career and endear him to the green lobby rather than help ordinary consumers to save energy.

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  1. I watched Huhne’s statement yesterday. The weasel words were, “x% less than they would have been without his intervention”. His fantastical maunderings were made doubly ironic by the release of climategate2, and that he blithely refused to mention the newly -discovered deposits of cheap gas in the north-west. The sooner this watermelon is forced out of office the better for the Nation.

  2. The UK Climate Change Act aims to save 410 million tonnes of CO2 per year. It has taken just 5 months to increase theirs by that amount in 2010.

  3. This smug bastard deserves to be booed, spat at, kicked, punched, pelted with rotten eggs, tomatoes and buckets of shit every time he has the audacity to venture outdoors!

  4. I too watched him last night with a huge measure of sheer disbelief, how DARE he come out with the crap that he does, has he really got so little idea of what life is really like for REAL people?

  5. As a total aside to the current discussion, has anyone else noticed just how much like Father Ted Chris Hulne looks?

  6. I will not cry over demise of solar or wind energy as an Australian company called ceramic fuel cells is now going into full production mode to satiSfy demands for its product on world wIde scaLE.iT BURNS NOTHING AND IS ECONOMICAL.iT USES A FUEL AS GAS BUT NOT TOO MUCH.Meanwhile I also believe Rossi’s E Cat is a good idea as it use no carbon fuel.It converts powered nickel into a copper looking product when it produces energy and hot water as does the CFCL produce eermany and Englandnergy and hot water.CFCL has factory in Germany and England Head office is in Australia..

  7. Mr Robert Mould

    When domestic energy bills were rising by 18% Chris Huhne told the public that this was because of the souring price of wholesale gas. If you contact Ofgem they will tell you that wholesale gas prices reached their peek in 2008 so why did gas prices rise by 18% because the energy companies are not regulated at all when did this happen in 2002 who was energy secretary then a Labour minister.

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