Wind And Solar Power Industries In Global Decline

Renewables in Global Decline: In Holland, the EU renewable energy target has been abandoned, saving the country billions of euros in subsidies

News yesterday that Google was completely abandoning its Green Energy program was yet another coffin nail in the global renewables industry which has universally failed to deliver reliable and affordable energy and no lasting Green jobs.

All around the world renewable energy projects are being abandoned as costs rise and voters get wise to just how much this so called Green Revolution is costing, not only in hard cash but also the jobs that pointless and futile emissions legislation are  causing to be lost as companies relocate to more favourable locations.

The whole concept of ludicrous Green subsidies and taxes is nothing but a net drain on the economy and people struggling to pay ever rising energy bills, as in addition to the costs of Green taxation there has to be 100% backup from fossil fuel or nuclear power stations for they days when there is no wind, or the wind is too fast or the bird choppers are frozen solid, then of course during cold spells wind turbines consume more energy than they produce:

From America comes troubling news for the renewables lobby. Reports are legion of bankruptcies, green jobs that failed to materialise and a notable cooling of the rhetoric on global warming as the country now finds itself on the brink of a breathtaking boom – in fossil fuels.

From Europe come warnings of failed renewables projects, disappointing results and voter disillusion. And from nearer home comes troubling evidence of how the push in renewables is destroying jobs and confronting millions of households with huge rises in energy bills. But cost is the great unmentionable in the renewables rush. And that, of course, was the line that never was in that Moray Firth press release.

How ironic that just ahead of another inter-governmental global warming summit in Durban that the temperature has cooled so quickly in America. For there has been a transformation in prospects for fossil fuels and growing disillusion with the results of massive federal government spending on renewables projects.

America’s energy prospects have been lifted by huge exploitable recoveries of shale gas with none of the “earthquake alarms” raised by the green lobby; improvements in drilling technology that have opened up previously inaccessible “tight oil”; expanses of “tar sands” in neighbouring Alberta and continuing exploration upgrades from oil drilling off the coast of Brazil. For an economy caught in a deep permafrost of debt, energy sources costing considerably less than wind power could hardly have come at a better time.

America’s energy prospects have been improved by shale gas, the same revolution Chris Huhne wants to stop in Britain because it is not a generation source approved by the Green lobby that Huhne so desperately seeks approval from.

Still reverberating around the energy policy network is a study by Professor Gabriel Calzada of Juan Carlos University in Madrid which concluded that the Spanish/EU style green jobs agenda promoted until recently in the US in fact destroys jobs. For every green job created by the Spanish government, Calzada found that 2.2 jobs were destroyed elsewhere in the economy because resources were directed politically and not rationally. Each “green” job came at a cost of $774,000 to Spanish taxpayers. Asked recently US journalist Ed Lasky of American Thinker about the origins of Spain’s green energy programme, he said that it was the desire of Spanish political elites to be “world leaders” that drove the programme

That would be the same desire and moral superiority that drives Chris Huhne and Connie Hedegaard to be “world leaders” for a Watermelon marxist minority then.

Energy produced at a horrendous cost that drains the budgets of households and depresses spending elsewhere is neither a rational energy gain nor a “stimulus boost”. It is edifice economics, founded on sleight of hand taxation and powered by a gale of hope. We are going to need more than this to have a hope of keeping the lights on.

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  1. Am I missing something or did you not link the actually Google article or even quote it.

    From reading the various article is looks like the software giant Google decided to shut down it’s RESEARCH into green energy along with 7 other sections of the company in order to focus on there core products of computing.

    It also appears they were focusing on the wrong side of the technology and they had been outstripped by other areas of solar technology.

    “It seems that part of the issue here is that back in 2007, Google dug into technology that didn’t fare so well. (Look, we’ll just say “like Solyndra” so nobody else has to.) A lot of its money and research effort went into solar power projects, like solar towers. Since then, silicon has become so freaking cheap that photovoltaics just make more sense, and planned utility-scale CSP projects have switched over to solar panels. RE<C also focused on geothermal power, which is a long way off from wide-spread use."

  2. Holland is are they? What about Denmark, the Crown Prince visited a wind farm in Oz
    yesterday or the day before?

  3. You know Tory this was on the cards well before the last general election. Your general election. In the International Express to Australia, it said under environment news. The government (then brown’s) will not support a Green bank, they have worked out it will cost
    billions of pounds to support and the economy can’t bear that at all.

  4. I’ll tell ya what. You stop the billions of dollars/pounds/euros worth of subsidies still going to the fossil fuel industries — and then let’s talk. If the fossil fuel industries are so blinkin’ successful, why do they still get so much money from governments/taxpayers in direct and indirect subsidies? It’s like we’re paying them to pay deniers/skeptics/ignorati/delayers to make sure that *our* children and grandchildren don’t get a climate-safe future. Sounds like progenycide, and we’re funding it.

    And imagine what the renewable energy industry could do with all that cash!

    p.s. Is a “climate realist” someone who looks at what is *really* happening in the world and says, “Holy flying %$#!, if that’s what’s already *really* happening in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, America, Canada, Australia, Tuvalu, the Maldives, the Arctic, Bolivia, etc., etc., then we’d better make the transition to a safer, cleaner, healthier, more equitable and more peaceful ZERO CARBON perpetual energy economy as urgently and rapidly as possible?” Just wondering, cuz I’m new here.

    p.p.s. My hubby says that the last time he checked, which was recently, his investments in renewable energy were still making money.

    • Tony Aardvark’s idea of citation… Cite other Tony Aawrdvark articles. Create a loop, then lie, lie, lie.

      Sorry, Tony, you just seem like another right-wing conspiracy theorist.

  5. A most interesting article that mainstream media isn’t telling us. Thanks for the information and keep the articles coming. You are doing a wonderful job.

  6. Interesting article, but you dont really mention a solution. i work at a renewable power developer and would be interested to know how to contact the owners of the assets. any insight into a reference or two would be greatly appreciated.

  7. What do you prepose in place of solar and wind energy??????????It is easy to shoot down on paper,But oil is not everlasting and coal fired power stations causes problems beyond control!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. James Delingpole The content of your blog is very interesting|awesome|good. Many things are described in detail. I am still waiting for the next update.

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