COP17 From Chris Hune The Gift Of Fuel Poverty And Now Food Poverty

Chris Huhne lied about costs of Green Energy on fuel bills now his Green madness will cause Food price rises and more poverty

Chris Huhne the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Greenpeace, WWF and ecomentalist NGO’s will soon be setting out for COP17 in Durban, on a sailing ship to save carbon flying first class like the Champagne Environmentalist hypocrite that he is, to give away £1 billion that Britain does not have,  for a problem that does not exist.

Huhne is to give away £1 billion to help fight climate change in Africa, one of the major beneficiaries will be COP17 hosts South Africa who will receive over £330 million, a country whose economy grew by 2.8% last year, while Britain’s economy struggled at 1.8%.

There are massive spending cuts and poverty in Britain  but as usual the guilt of the rich Green Liberals means there is always money to give away so they can have stature on the world stage, while at the same time making sure they have the approval of the Green and ecomentalist NGO’s whose approval they so crave.

Huhne is obsessed with cutting carbon and renewable energy, so much so, that Huhne will lie without compunction to push his Agraian society powered by wind turbines and other useless forms of Green energy generation.

But in a bizarre statement, energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne told the House of Commons that his policies mean consumers will actually be better off.

He said: ‘By 2020, we expect household bills to be 7 per cent – or £94 – lower than they would otherwise be without our policies.

‘Britain’s homes will be cheaper to heat and light than if we did nothing.’

His claim is based on a controversial assumption that families will make vast reductions in their electricity and gas bills by 2020 – wiping out the £280 in green taxes. It also assumes there will be a large uptake of government-backed schemes for insulation projects.

Huhne knew the real costs of his Green energy revolution all the time, they were in the small print of the report produced by his department of Climate Religion.

What Huhne has kept really quiet about is the knock effect that  his irrational fear of CO2 has on all areas of the economy, including food production.

Carbon tax will push up UK food prices

Food prices will increase still further because of soaring energy costs, food manufacturers have warned.

Because of copyright protection it is not possible to quote directly from the above link, which essentially says as energy costs increase for the manufacture, storage and distribution of food because of Green taxation, so  the costs will inevitably be passed on to consumers which will push the price of food up still further.

The whole Green energy and carbon pricing religion is one vicious circle of spiralling Green taxation sometimes called Feedin Tariffs, carbon floor prices or CO2 taxes that reach out into every area of the economy and then pile increased cost upon increased cost, you pay more to keep warm, more to put fuel in your car, more for food, rest assured that nothing will ever fall in cost becuase a taxable value can be put on every aspect of human activity.

There are many people already struggling to survive in Britain with costs for everything going up almost daily, the price increases promised by Huhne’s Green revolution will make an already difficult situation far worse:

Once upon a time I honestly believed that MP’s were there to serve the people who voted for them, who actually cared about their country and wanted to make a difference. This was some time ago. From what I have seen in the last 30 odd years, they simply wish to line their own pockets in any way they can. Do any of them care that tonight for instance, due to the ridiculously rising costs of household utilities, not to mention food prices, I actually had to choose NOT to have a hot meal?

My money goes on the rent once a week, and what is left gets divided into 7 equal portions, then each day’s worth gets broken down again into gas, water, electricity, food etc.

There was nothing reduced in any of the five supermarkets I walked around today, over a period of 3 hours, ( there are so few where I am), and for me to have paid “full-price” for anything edible, it would have meant not enough change left over with which to cook whatever I had chosen!

Yes, I am one of the lower end of the scale, but HELLO Dear Government, there is an ever-increasing number of folks just like me out there, we actually DO try to do our bit, and STILL get financially stamped on every time one of you makes a grand decision over your glass of champagne in your fancy restaurant.

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  1. This article is such bollocks. This whole webpage is bollocks. Take some responsibility about what you write, you idiots.

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